WWYDW: Buyout Bonanza

Taylor McKee
June 08 2016 02:00PM

It's almost that time of year! Buyout season! The time when teams begin to pay people to leave and snarky writers write things like "pay me $4 million dollars to leave?! Rough life huh!" and everyone chuckles. 

While it's no secret that the Flames are in a bit of a money pickle next season, one of the ways that they can dig themselves out of trouble is by... digging further. Spending money to fix their spending problems. It's wonderful. Let's see how the Flames can fix their cap pinch with buyouts after the jump.

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FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Matt Stajan

Ryan Pike
June 08 2016 12:00PM

Once upon a time, Matt Stajan was an 18-year-old rookie jumping into the deep end of the National Hockey League. Now he's approaching his 33rd birthday and has played nearly 900 games. When he came to Calgary, the thought was that he'd be a big offensive contributor.

Instead, he's become a mentor for the club's revolving door of young forwards and in the grand scheme of things, that could be his biggest impact long-term for the club. Stajan's 2015-16 season went very similarly to how the entire team's went.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: OHL Part 2: The Rest

Christian Roatis
June 08 2016 10:00AM


We're back! The OHL has so much potential in this year's NHL Draft, we had to split the OHL portion of our series with Brendan Ross, Director of Scouting for TheScout.ca, into two parts.

Yesterday, we covered six potential picks from the OHL alone the Flames may draft at sixth overall. Today, we'll take a look at the rest: those who might be around at 35th overall, who might fall further; the sleepers, the steals, the over and underrated. 

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Flames Second Round Targets 2016: Will Bitten

Ari Yanover
June 08 2016 08:00AM

If you can't score in juniors, you're probably going to have a hard time making it as a professional hockey player in the NHL. That isn't always the case, but if you don't have the raw talent and skills to score at the lower levels, your chances of making the NHL on the regular probably aren't that great.

And while not every draft pick turns into an NHLer, it's nice to get as many of them as you can out of the picks you have.

So let's talk Will Bitten, the 5'10, 167 lb. 17-year-old right winger who, amidst the chaos that was the Flint Firebirds' season, scored 30 goals and 65 points in 67 games to lead his team.

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FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Josh Jooris

June 07 2016 12:00PM

Josh Jooris was the poster child for making a splash, coming out of virtually nowhere and winning the hearts of hundreds of Flames fans for his unyielding work ethic, depth scoring, and penalty kill work. The undrafted Union College forward made a strong case for sticking around.

This past season? It was noticeably dissimilar at times as it seemed like Jooris was under-used for the attributes and the skill set he possessed. Make no mistake though: the Flames shouldn't walk away from him at all.

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