No goalie controversy in Calgary, because everyone was pretty bad in Game 1 against the Ducks

May 01 2015 01:00PM

Nothing went right for the Flames in their long awaited return to the second round. While they've been overachieving all season long, cracks have occasionally revealed themselves. Game 1 against the Ducks was the biggest of them all; less of a crack and more like a gaping chasm forcing you to stare into the eye of elimination.

Too much? Well, yeah: playoff series aren't won or lost after one game, unless that game is Game 7, and this was not. The Flames received such a beating, though, that it pretty much felt like it was over.

Everything went wrong. Everything.

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Mikael Backlund needs a multiyear extension

Pat Steinberg
May 01 2015 12:23PM


Anyone familiar with my work on this delightful website, or anyone who has the pain tolerance to listen to me on the radio will be familiar with how much I like Mikael Backlund. Is it creepy that I thought about superimposing his face on Hall and mine on Oates? Yeah, probably, but that doesn't change the fact that he's an extremely important member of the Calgary Flames. I think a number of other people are catching onto that in the 2015 postseason, so it's time to revisit his future with the team. Backlund is a restricted free agent come July 1st, and it's more clear than ever that a multiyear extension is the way to go if you're the Flames.

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Looking For Positives From Game 1

Ryan Pike
May 01 2015 11:00AM

Well, the Calgary Flames got fed their own lunch last night at the hands of the Anaheim Ducks. They lost 6-1. The game was never close.

So, what positives can be gleaned from such a one-sided butt-kicking?

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Jiri Hudler and Micheal Ferland Leave Game 1 With Injuries

Ryan Pike
May 01 2015 09:00AM

The hits just keep on comin' for the Calgary Flames.

In addition to the 6-1 spanking they experienced at the hands of the mighty Anaheim Ducks, they also saw two key pieces of the puzzle leave the game due to injuries.

Wingers Micheal Ferland and Jiri Hudler both left the game and did not return. Ferland left the game after the 18:30 mark of the first period, while Hudler disappeared following the first four minutes of the second period.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
May 01 2015 06:30AM


Dave Nonis speaks after firing, changes Canucks will make, renewed life in Edmonton, Flames round 2 matchup, Jets continue to roll out playoff injury list, more 2015 draft coverage, a classic playoff tilt and more in this week's Roundup brought to you by Draftkings.

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