The Road to 2026: Calgary's Risks and Rewards

Ryan Pike
September 01 2016 01:00PM

The Olympics definitely have their downsides and detractors, as we've discussed in some detail over the past few days. But there are a lot of people that have a sentimental attachment to the games, as the 1988 Olympics were huge for Calgary stepping into global prominence. And while the Olympics of the modern era may in fact be a device for wealth transfer, throwing a bunch of shiny baubles into a tiny geographic area, holding some sporting events and then asking the governments of the day to pay for it afterwards, is it possible for that model to work in Calgary's favour?

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Backlund Added to Team Sweden for World Cup

Kent Wilson
September 01 2016 08:53AM

Another Flame will be playing in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. Michael Backlund will replace Henrik Zetterberg for Team Sweden. He joins fellow Flames Sean Monahan (North America), Johnny Gaudreau (North America), Jyrki Jokipakka (Finland), Michael Frolik (Czech Republic) and Jakub Nakladal (kind of a Flame, Czech Republic) in the tournament.

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FlamesNation Prospect Profile #2: Hunter Shinkaruk

Ari Yanover
September 01 2016 08:00AM


Somehow, the Calgary Flames traded Markus Granlund for Hunter Shinkaruk. They traded an older kid who looked to have about reached his potential for a younger prospect with a higher ceiling. And that was it; it was just a one-for-one swap.

That was back in February. It's September. I still don't get it.

The hometown forward is a Flame now, though. He's only played eight NHL games so far, but we're pretty hopeful for him.

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The Road to 2026: The IOC's Agenda 2020

Ryan Pike
August 31 2016 01:00PM

So far, we've dug into the history of Canada and the Olympics. In 1988 and 2010, Canada hosted really well-regarded Winter Olympic Games. In 1988, the Olympics were relatively inexpensive and the excess funds were used to help fund winter sports in Canada. In 2010, the Olympics were much more expensive and forced a few levels of government to cover some big-ticket items.

The concept of expensive Olympics aren't all that new. Operational costs of Olympics since Vancouver have ranged between $10.4 billion (London) and $51 billion (Sochi), and there are several prominent examples of Olympics spending millions on venues that aren't used after the event concludes. (This Daily Mail piece chronicling the aftermath of the most expensive Winter Olympics ever is pretty stark.)

The Olympics are, above all else, a valuable brand. And in the midst of all the negative publicity of the lavish expenses of London, the bizarre spectacle of having the Sochi Olympics in a place warmer than Miami, and holding the Rio Olympics in a country undergoing political and economic upheaval (as well as constant whispers of corruption), the IOC began trying to figure out a way to clean up its image.

The result? Agenda 2020.

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Can Matthew Tkachuk crack this year's NHL roster?

Pat Steinberg
August 31 2016 10:00AM

The question above has been asked frequently since the Flames drafted Tkachuk sixth overall in June. In fact, since Sean Monahan scored 20 goals as a freshly drafted 18-year-old a few years ago, we've been asking this question annually about different Calgary prospects to varying degrees. But what about Tkachuk? Can he make this roster out of camp? And can he stay there all season long?

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