An expected goals look at the Flames

Ryan Pike
January 15 2016 12:00PM

So the other day on Twitter, Globe & Mail hockey writer James Mirtle tweeted the following:

After gawking at the numbers, I was immediately filled with curiosity regarding how the Flames are doing in that respect - particularly given how many close games they've lost. So I ran the numbers. And there are a handful of key players responsible for them being where they are in the standings.

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It's time to put Sam Bennett at centre

Pat Steinberg
January 15 2016 10:00AM


Everyone is still buzzing over Sam Bennett's star making performance against the Florida Panthers on Wednesday night, and for good reason. Bennett was spectacular in becoming the 11th Flames player to ever record four goals in one game. Here's the thing, though: he did it as a winger. I think it's time to shift Bennett back to centre ice, and I've got three reasons why.

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Mid-Year Update on the Oilers

January 15 2016 08:00AM

I don’t know that many teams going into the 2015-2015 had as mixed expectations as the Oilers, simultaneously predicted to do great things with Connor McDavid and be terrible because, well, they have been for such a very long time.

So how have things gone for this enigmatic organization thus far? Well, not surprisingly, both bad and good, albeit relatively speaking.

Again, we are revisiting the three Pacific Division teams we first examined at the beginning of the season: the Canucks, Oilers and Flames.

Previously we looked in on the Canucks’ season to see how things were progressing.

Today we look at the Oilers.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
January 15 2016 06:00AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.42.56 AM

Could oil prices turn the Flames into a budget team, Canucks trade for Etem, clear benches with the Panthers, Jets great goaltending prospect, Connor McDavid's birthday, Lou Lamoriello trade history, Kevin Shattenkirk rumored availability, WingsNation launches, fantasy hockey and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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Mark Giordano picks winner for ATB Financial's Ugly Sweater Contest

Ari Yanover
January 14 2016 04:00PM

Remember how Mark Giordano got a really, really ugly Christmas sweater from Jordan Eberle? Yeah - nasty, even without any of that Oilers stink. But then remember how Gio also wanted to see if any Flames fans could top him?

Well, with the help of ATB Financial, Gio has picked the best, ugliest sweater around.


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