FGD #13: Visiting Jarome's New Home (7pm MT, SN West)

Ryan Pike
November 03 2015 12:00PM

After their whirlwind victory on Saturday night over the Edmonton Oilers - their first regulation win of the 2015-16 season - the Calgary Flames tangle with one of the few Western Conference clubs that's as far-down in the standings as they are tonight when they visit the Colorado Avalanche.

The Flames (3-8-1) have quietly grabbed three points in their last three games - their shootout loss in Ottawa and their last-minute win in Edmonton - but otherwise have lacked momentum. They can try to manufacture some tonight against the Colorado Avalanche (3-7-1), who have lost two in a row and are hopeful to get back on track.

The puck drops just after 7pm MT on Sportsnet Flames and Sportsnet 960 The Fan!

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Want to win some stuff? Make something good

November 03 2015 10:00AM


When Thomas Drance brought me on to help develop the community aspect of FlamesNation, contests and engagement were a big topic. We know y'all love to comment, spitting some of the finest taeks on the internet, but we want to see how creative you can get. So we're holding our first contest of the season and we've got a couple of prizes to offer up.

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Fun with line combinations

Ari Yanover
November 03 2015 08:00AM

Often times, you won't see steady, regular line combinations until later in the season. That's certainly been the case for the Flames under Bob Hartley. After all, Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, and Jiri Hudler didn't become a regular line for the Flames until about halfway through the 2014-15 season.

And to start this season, they seemed to be The line. The one line that would not, could not be messed with.

But in repeated attempts to get the entire struggling team going, they've finally been broken up, and Hartley is often working with new line combinations, hoping to find the one that will bring success.

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FN Mailbag - November 2, 2015

Kent Wilson
November 02 2015 05:15PM


October is associated with fear and horror thanks to Halloween. To be sure there was plenty of horror for the Flames, with the club stumbling to an excruciating 3-8-1 record. Only the Ducks' baffling power outage has kept the Flames out of the bottom of the Western Conference through the first month of action.

It wasn't supposed to be like this! Calgary was supposed to take a step forward after surprising everyone last season and improving the roster in the summer. The extreme discordance between Calgary's finish to 2014-15 and their start to 2015-16 has the collective hand of the Flames fans base hovering ever closer to the panic button. 

I think it's important to note, however, that we're talking about a stretch of 11 games. That feels like a lot, but it's only about 1/8th (13%) of a single season. As the Ducks' current predicament perfectly illustrates, sometimes everything goes wrong for small segments of games. It's just too bad the consequences of such a lousy (though relatively brief) spate of games far outstrips its informational value when it comes to grading the roster. 

Which is a very long way of saying that nobody should be jumping to wild conclusions just one month into a season. Unless a conclusion has a longer background and much more data to be be based on, everyone should resist the urge to start stringing up effigies or trading everyone not named "Gaudreau" for a dirty skate rag. 

So let's talk about trading goalies and firing coaches then shall we?

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It's time to partner TJ Brodie and Dougie Hamilton

Ari Yanover
November 02 2015 02:15PM

Coming into this season, there was a lot of excitement about the Flames' defence. And why wouldn't there be? Not only did they already boast arguably the best pairing in the league, but they added a young player who looked to already be a top pairing defenceman.

It did lead to some discussion, though. How would Dougie Hamilton shake up the defence pairings? The Flames had a pretty established top four, but he was going to disrupt it for the better.

T.J. Brodie's pre-season injury destroyed all of that, though. But now that he's back, and hasn't even missed a step, it's time to re-explore the Flames' options - as well as return to the pre-conceived notion that Hamilton absolutely is a top four defenceman.

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