Comparing Flames and Oilers Drafting Since 2002

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 01:00PM

The 2015 NHL Draft is later tonight, and it'll be Tod Button's 14th at the helm of the Calgary Flames scouting group. I had originally wanted to put together an All-Button Team, looking at the best roster the Flames could put together based upon their drafting since Button's been head amateur scout.

Unfortunately, the tougher part was coming up with a comparison so we could put Button's performance in context. Thankfully, a perfectly fine comparison lives up the road in Edmonton. The Oilers have been blessed with many, many high-end draft picks since 2002 - much more than Calgary.

So their roster of drafted players should look better than Calgary's, right?

Well, somewhat...

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FlamesNation Roundtable: 15th Overall Pick

Christian Roatis
June 26 2015 11:00AM


A long time ago, in a comment section far, far away, someone requested we do a roundtable to see who each FN writer foresees the Flames drafting at 15th overall. 

Well we here at FlamesNation are people pleasers, so we did just that. 

I didn't want to do just the generic "So who do you think they'll take at 15" question, so I instead I asked 3 questions tailored to the 15th overall, and one other 1st round related inquiry. 

Joining me for this exercise are FN personalities Kent Wilson, Ryan Pike, Ari, Byron Bader, Beloch and Taylor McKee. Let's get this party started!

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FGD: The 2015 NHL Draft, Round 1 (5pm MT, SN West)

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 09:37AM

Just after 5pm MT tonight, the Edmonton Oilers will select Connor McDavid at 1st overall and the Buffalo Sabres will take Jack Eichel at 2nd overall.

And then all hell will break loose.

Welcome to today's ongoing coverage of the first of two days of the 2015 National Hockey League Draft. Over the next two days, 211 young players will have their dreams come true as they are selected by 30 NHL teams...and dozens more will likely begrudgingly change addresses as the aforementioned teams jockey for position in an extremely deep draft.

So let's give you a brief look at where the Flames stand before all the trades happen and this information becomes out-dated, shall we?

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Lehner Deal Likely Sets Market Price For Cam Talbot

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 08:12AM

It's Draft Day, and there is an insane amount of trade chatter going on. A great deal of that trade chatter is circulating around the most mysterious and frustrating of positions: goaltender.

With this morning's trade of Ottawa goalie Robin Lehner, the market appears to have been set - and the price is sky-high. The Senators sent Robin Lehner and David Legwand (and his $3 million cap hit this year) to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Buffalo's 21st overall pick in this year's draft.

Great deal for Ottawa, and Buffalo must have really liked Lehner. The deal has already sent ripples out.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
June 26 2015 06:00AM


New salary cap and it's effect on teams, Mark Giordano's asking price, a fight between two first overall picks, Bieksa, Lucic, Bozak, McDavid and all the draft and trade news you can handle in this week's Roundup.

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