Flames recall Karri Ramo

Ari Yanover
October 29 2015 05:16PM

When Jonas Hiller struggled to get up following a collision with Bobby Ryan, you knew it probably wasn't going to be good.

This left the Flames with a problem. They may have tried to run with three goalies, but that didn't work. You know what's really not going to work, though? Running with one, since all indications are pointing towards Hiller being injured.

So, a week after he was sent down, Karri Ramo is back with the Flames.

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The Present Past

Taylor McKee
October 29 2015 02:00PM

Today is the first installment of a look back at Calgary's hockey history. When I say history, I don't mean like Jeff Shantz, Rick Wamsley, of even Kent Nilsson, I'm talking about way back. Back to a simpler time when the population of Calgary could fill a Bass Pro Shop with enough room for at least three stuffed grizzlies. 

In the coming weeks, I'll be looking at hockey from its earliest days in Calgary and, at the risk of sounding like your 9th grade social studies teacher, I think you'll find this past NEATO. or COOL. or RAD. or FLEEK. or BAE. or whatever we (as cool people) are saying these days. Come see what it's all about after the jump

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AHL roster moves: Jakub Nakladal down, Kent Simpson up

Ari Yanover
October 29 2015 12:52PM

There are a couple of things going on in regarding the Stockton Heat's roster that are sure to have direct impacts on the Flames'.

First, there's the obvious: the Flames have returned defenceman Jakub Nakladal to the AHL. They now carry seven defenders, leaving 22 contracts up with the big club.

Second: Kent Simpson, who was sent down to the ECHL after Karri Ramo was sent down to the AHL, has been recalled back up to the AHL. So the Flames will almost certainly be recalling a goalie from the Stockton Heat, almost certainly tied in to Jonas Hiller's injury from the night before.

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Awful Start Might Extinguish Flames Playoff Hopes

Ryan Pike
October 29 2015 12:30PM

We're 10 games into the 2015-16 Calgary Flames season, and I think it's fair to say that the team has drastically under-shot everyone's expectations to this point.

We're about 12% of the way through the season, which is probably enough to start having real conversations about something that's becoming pretty evident: even if the Flames manage to snap out of whatever deep-down funk they're in right now, it might already be too late for them to make the playoffs.

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Segment 1 of 8: Where's the progression?

Pat Steinberg
October 29 2015 11:03AM


As the season goes along, I'm going to pass along my biggest observation on the Calgary Flames every ten games. With the first ten in the books, let's get into the first instalment of a new feature.

It's safe to say the first ten games of the season in Flamesville hasn't been very positive. Calgary is out to a 2-7-1 start, and while I was one of the many to warn about regression, I didn't see things being as bad as they've been. I was fully expecting certain parts of Calgary's game to fall back to the pack. I was also hoping progression in other areas would help counteract any statistical regression we might see. That counterbalance hasn't been there through ten games, though, and that's my biggest takeaway from the start of this season.

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