Preseason FGD: The Canucks Are Coming

Kent Wilson
September 30 2016 12:21PM

Good news! September is almost over, which means the new season is almost here. 

Bad's still the preseason and rosters remain littered with PTOs, AHLers and unknowns. Sometimes it's fun to see if a kid or a tryout can make an impression, but most of the time it means the hockey is shinny grade. 

Tonight, the Canucks send their sad collection of hopefuls to the Dome to take on the Flames' semi-AHL squad. While the outcome of this one doesn't matter at all, losing to the Canucks in any form is never entirely acceptable. Vancouver is going to stink this year, so it would be nice start things off in what will be typical fashion for them (a humiliating loss).

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Johnny Gaudreau: Pay the man

Pat Steinberg
September 30 2016 10:00AM


It's the final day of September and Johnny Gaudreau still doesn't have a contract. I don't think anyone thought this negotiation would drag on as long as it has and it's turned into the biggest story of training camp. It's time to get this deal done in some form or another; the longer this lasts, the more negative it gets for both sides. Two things worry me most if this drags on much longer.

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There are no bad guys in the Johnny Gaudreau situation

Ari Yanover
September 30 2016 08:00AM

Johnny Gaudreau remains without a contract, which makes nobody particularly happy. The Flames probably aren't happy about it, because they'd probably like to get their star signed; and Gaudreau probably isn't happy about it, because he'd probably like to be at training camp getting ready for the season.

I don't know what Gaudreau's agent's thoughts are on the matter, but he'd probably prefer to have his client signed before the season starts, too.

The clock is ticking, and as we approach the season opener - under two weeks away, now - people are getting more and more antsy. But the fact of the matter is, there aren't any bad guys here. And even if the season starts, and Gaudreau still doesn't have a contract, there still won't be any bad guys.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
September 30 2016 05:00AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 5.45.15 PM 

Jacob Trouba no shows at Jets camp, Babcock for coach of the year, a look back at Canucks draft picks and the season ahead, will Edmonton send Puljujarvi to the AHL, the Gaudreau dilemma in Calgary continues, every team kicks tires on Trouba, fantasy hockey, cherish your father and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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POSTGAME: Europe puts up a good fight, but Canada comes out on top

Jeff Veillette
September 29 2016 11:56PM

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY SPORTS

Nobody expected Team Europe to get as far as they did. Pockets of players had played together before, on their own international teams, on professional teams, but there was never much of a chemistry building period for this group. That didn't matter, though, as they took a shorter warm-up camp than most, with a rougher start than all, and turned it into a Cinderella run all the way to the World Cup of Hockey Final.

There wasn't much of a shot given to them there, either. Nobody thought they stood a chance against Canada, the odds-on favourite from start to finish. To the surprise of many, they put up a very good fight. Ultimately, though, the Red and White hockey giant proved just too powerful to break through, even for a game.

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