Ryan's 2016 WHL scouting notebook

Ryan Pike
June 24 2016 10:00AM

Over the course of the last hockey season, I had the great opportunity to watch many, many Western Hockey League games. While we've had a chance to profile several players as part of our draft coverage here, there are several that we haven't gotten a chance to yet.

In the interest of sharing some (hopefully) handy information with you, here are the notes I have on the players we didn't get around to doing specific profiles on.

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Should the Flames trade Dougie Hamilton to Edmonton?

Ryan Pike
June 24 2016 09:00AM

It's draft weekend, so rumours are running rampant around the hockey world regarding....well, everyone and everything. Particularly prominent in most rumours are your beloved Calgary Flames.

The Flames are trying to acquire a goalie, and seemingly they're trying to do it by any means necessary.

The Flames have traded with Edmonton twice, ever, and the results of both trades (Steve Staios, Ladislav Smid) were, uh, mixed. So why would the Flames bother with such a transaction? Would it be worth it?

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2016 NHL Draft: Calgary Flames rumour roundup

Ari Yanover
June 24 2016 08:00AM

It's here. At long last, the day we've long been waiting for since the Flames' season ended pitifully on April 9: it's officially the NHL Draft.

Well, not quite yet; the draft itself is still 11 hours away. But as we know, it can be a very, very busy day.

Just last year, while we were all speculating just who, exactly, the Calgary Flames would take at 15th overall, they made a gigantic splash out of nowhere by acquiring Dougie Hamilton. Nobody saw it coming: then bam, all of a sudden the Flames had taken over the day's chatter.

Will Brad Treliving be able to pull off another such move? Perhaps - and perhaps, like last year, it will be just as quiet.

There are a couple of rumours still floating around the Flames, though. So as we gear up for today, let's go over them.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
June 24 2016 05:00AM


Big week for the Leafs, should the Jets make a big trade, Flames hire new coach, is Marc-Andre Fleury a fit in Calgary, Datsyuk disaster in Detroit, 10 years since Oilers went to the cup final, Vegas expansion confirmed, official expansion draft rules, 2016 mock draft, free agency and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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5 things you need to know from Buffalo (so far)

Pat Steinberg
June 23 2016 09:53PM


The countdown to the 2016 NHL Draft has entered its final stages with the Calgary Flames right in the middle of the action. The Flames have been connected to numerous trade rumours and will likely continue that way until they leave Buffalo on Saturday. With plenty swirling around so far, here are the top Calgary takeaways from Western New York so far.

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