FGD #78: Taking on the Kings

Ari Yanover
March 31 2016 12:00PM

It's the second of a back-to-back with no actual travel required. The Honda Center and Staples Center are only an hour apart, so the distance isn't what's feared when teams roll into southern California for two quick games.

No, it's the fact that both the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings are, well, good. The Flames found that out last night, getting crushed 8-3 in Anaheim. What fate does Los Angeles have in store for them? Well, they just lost their spot at the top of the Pacific standings, and probably want to get it back...

And with an 8:30 p.m. puck drop, it's gonna be a long night, probably.

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Ducks 8, Flames 3 post-game embers: Well that was a thing that happened

Ari Yanover
March 31 2016 08:00AM

You know what? I'm cool with this. The Flames suck in Anaheim, but there was no point in changing that now; not when this entire season, as a whole, sucks in general. Let's save the inevitable page-turning for when the Flames, as a group, are ready to turn the page as well. Hopefully next year!

And hey, at least on a night in which it at first looked like the Flames had completely given up, they came back to score the occasional goal (before getting scored on again). They still rolled over and died for the most part, but at least there was a bit of bite to their game.

Just five more to go!

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POST GAME: Anaheim.

Taylor McKee
March 30 2016 10:46PM


The Universe is rapidly expanding. This seemed as though it was impossible decades ago but it is now accepted as scientific fact. There is a force pushing the universe towards an unknown infinity but scientists do not quite understand the exact properties of this force pushing galaxies apart. This energy, or dark matter as it is often called, accounts for over 68% of the total energy in the observable universe but we really don't understand it. 

Furthermore, it's unclear why it is that there is precisely the amount of dark matter present in the universe to allow matter to form, rather than be pulled away from itself in a vast empty space. The precise ratio of dark matter to ordinary matter is what keeps our universe stable. It's a cosmological standard that can be depended on no matter what the calculation, anywhere in the universe. There might be no principle more certain, more repeatable in all of physical cosmology.  

Oh, except for the Flames losing in Anaheim.   

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Michael Frolik to miss the next three games

Ari Yanover
March 30 2016 01:31PM

Michael Frolik played 13:41 against the Arizona Coyotes on March 28. He's averaged 15:49 in ice time this season, so that number doesn't exactly raise eyebrows - at least, not until you see he only played three shifts in the third period, while regular linemate Mikael Backlund played seven.

Frolik's third shift of the third period came about eight minutes after his second: a sign of trying to give it one last go before the decision was made to pull him.

Well, he's being pulled from more than just the end of the Flames' 5-2 win over the Arizona Coyotes. Frolik will miss the rest of the road trip, which goes into Anaheim tonight, Los Angeles tomorrow, and wraps up in Edmonton on Saturday.

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FGD #77: Curses and Streaks

Ryan Pike
March 30 2016 12:00PM

Tonight, the Calgary Flames visit the Honda Center in scenic Anaheim, California. They're playing their final game of the season against the (Mighty Ducks of) Anaheim Ducks. There are two big cosmic things in play tonight that deserve some mention.

  • The Flames haven't won in Anaheim since January 2004, a span of 22 games - one shy of tying the NHL record for consecutive futility in a single building.
  • The Flames haven't lost the 77th game of their season since 2000-01, a span of 12 seasons. No matter how bad the Flames have been, they've managed to eke out a Game 77 win. (Stick tap to Hit The Post for finding this game a few years back.)

So which will be more powerful? The Honda Center Curse or the Game 77 Streak?

Find out tonight at 8pm MT on Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960 The Fan!

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