What's a successful season for the Flames?

Ari Yanover
December 08 2016 08:00AM

So. This season, eh?

In their first 10 games, the Flames were a 4-5-1 team. Not particularly good, as it was a brief three-game stretch that redeemed them for just a moment before they completely fell off the wagon once again. The season was effectively over; you can't be that bad to start and expect to really go anywhere.

In their most recent 10 games, the Flames are a 7-2-1 team. That's actually extremely good, and the majority of those games came on their longest, most gruelling road trip of the season. That's a playoff caliber team. That's a team that might actually be able to do some damage.

There are still 53 games to go in the season, though. That's a lot; almost anything can happen. The Flames could fall back in a hole, bottom out, and give us nothing but the draft to look forward to. Or they could play meaningful games in April and, dare I suggest it, beyond.

What's better for them?

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Taking Stockton: Heat Rising

Taylor McKee
December 07 2016 12:00PM

The Flames have won four in a row and the Heat are tops in their division! Yes, several things have come up Milhouse in recent days for Flames fans, though it hasn't exactly been an easy few hockey months so you can forgive a little lightness in what has been a pretty substantial feces polar vortex this season.

The Stockton Heat have played 18 games so far which is a tad over 25% of their 68-game, left coast-sized AHL season. How has it gone so far? Very well! The Heat sit tops in the Pacific and have had a number of good showings from relatively young players and some solid goaltending from two different netminders. Let's have a look at how the first quarter of the season has gone after the jump!

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Watch the Game Episode 17: Flames, Good Content, and New Stats Versus Old Media with Mike Fail

Watch The Game Podcast
December 07 2016 10:32AM


Sam and Cam are joined by Mike Fail of Flames Nation, they discuss the Flames and their current woes. This includes Sean Monahan, Johnny Gaudreau and Dougie Hamilton talk before transitioning over to the topic of hockey blogging. What is the perfect level of criticism? When does it, if ever, cross the line? It gets philosophical quickly on this week's show.

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WWYD Wednesday: Re-sign Chad Johnson?

Kent Wilson
December 07 2016 10:00AM

The Calgary Flames' recent renaissance has been authored in large part by the goaltending of (former?) career backup Chad Johnson. So far this year the 30-year-old has started 16 games, winning 11 of them while stopping 93.1% of the shots he's faced.

That elite level of goaltending has helped the Flames dig themselves out of a very deep hole. 

It has also raised some fundamental questions about the Flames' netminding. First, is Johnson the de facto starter for the Flames moving forward over Brian Elliot? And secondly, should the Flames brass consider re-signing Johnson as quickly as possible (Jan. 1, 2017)?

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Flames 2, Stars 1 post-game embers: The Paul Byron of games

Ari Yanover
December 07 2016 08:00AM

Remember Paul Byron? Of course you do, now that he always seems to be lighting it up for the Montreal Canadiens, his name keeps popping up and every single time it's like, hey, remember when the Flames waived him so they could keep a couple of players who are no longer anywhere near the NHL on their roster instead?

... Yeah.

In his last season with the Flames, Byron was constantly finding himself on a breakaway... and constantly not scoring. It's one of those things that drew Montreal to claim him, because to go on so many breakaways he was obviously doing something right, and lo and behold, he's rewarded them.

The Flames had so many breakaways last night. But like with Byron in his final year in Calgary, at least they were rewarded on one of them.

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