Corsi, PDO and You

Ryan Pike
January 24 2015 10:30AM

We're firmly nestled in the four-day mid-season break that is the All-Star Break! While that may not provide us with anything meaningful to discuss, as the All-Star Break is mostly an excuse for the NHL to hang out with sponsors and have a fun weekend in a random NHL market, it does provide us with a break from in-game action to take a deep breath and see what's what.

So let's discuss Calgary's possession game.

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Nation World HQ
January 24 2015 07:29AM


As you know, our friends at The Royal Half have created a weekly segment known as the Pacific War Room… It's a wrap-up of the past week in the Pacific from some of the best and brightest bloggers who cover the Pacific Division teams. Well, the writers have spent another week smashing their faces on their keyboards in the hopes that something would come out, and here we are.  Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Pacific War Room.

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Gaudreau Joins Giordano on Team Toews, Won't Play

Ryan Pike
January 23 2015 10:22PM

Earlier today, the hockey world was abuzz that Johnny Gaudreau, one of the most popular young players in the United States (for his collegiate success with Boston College) and already one of the most popular young stars in Canada, would be playing in the NHL All-Star Game as an injury replacement for Sidney Crosby.

It fit, and it made complete sense that Gaudreau would slide in. Excitement followed.

Apparently that decision was 100% final when everyone got all excited about it, and once the horses were out of the proverbial barn, the NHL decided that he wouldn't play after all.

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All-Star Weekend #Gaudfather Contest!

Ryan Pike
January 23 2015 01:17PM


It's All-Star Weekend, folks, and the stars have aligned to provide us with an opportunity for a contest! We have a little number of Gaudfather t-shirts back in stock at the Nations Store (for $24)! The snazzy shirts allow us to pay homage to Calgary's hot-shot rookie Johnny Gaudreau, and help raise a little money for charity (The Earth Group)

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Gaudreau Joins Giordano in All-Star Game

Ryan Pike
January 23 2015 09:32AM

Johnny Gaudreau was pretty stoked to be invited to the All-Star Weekend as a rookie. He's probably super-stoked now, as he's been named an injury replacement. He joins teammate and Flames captain Mark Giordano in the game.

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