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February 05 2016 05:30AM

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Roberto Luongo fuels Stamkos to Leafs, Canucks looking to sell, Jets have a Byfuglien conundrum, Wideman suspended 20 games, Flames roster impact now and at trade deadline, Connor McDavid is back if you didn't hear, All-star weekend madness, trade deadline wish lists and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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What we know about the appeals process

Ryan Pike
February 04 2016 02:00PM

The immediate reaction to the news that Calgary Flames defender Dennis Wideman had been suspended for 20 games by the National Hockey League's Hockey Operations Department was "So, he's going to appeal, right?"

But there isn't a whole lot of information readily available about the appeals process when it comes to suspensions. So we did some digging and read some stuff, and here's more or less what we found.

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Barrie Duo Lead Bounce-Back January for Flames Prospects

Ryan Pike
February 04 2016 12:00PM

The month of December was pretty tough for a lot of Calgary Flames prospects between injuries, suspensions, and World Junior struggles. But while last month we praised Pavel Karnaukhov almost by default - everyone else struggled - the month of January saw a lot of really good performances from players on Calgary's reserve list.

And, as usual, a pair of players from the OHL's Barrie Colts were leading the way.

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Historically Flames record at the break determines their finish

Ryan Pike
February 04 2016 10:00AM

Aside from the years where the season is cut short by a labour dispute, traditionally the NHL has a break in late January or February. Sometimes it's for the All-Star Game and sometimes it's for the Olympics, but there's usually break for fans, athletes and media alike to have a nap, see our families and perhaps have a quick vacation to recharge.

As you can expect, how well (or poorly) the Flames are doing at these breaks has a big impact on how the team does once they're rested up and on the general manager's strategy at the trade deadline - which is usually a few weeks after they get back from their break.

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Flames 4, Hurricanes 1 post-game embers: That was fun! Sell your UFAs

Ari Yanover
February 04 2016 08:00AM

Photo credit: Candice Ward/USA TODAY Sports

The All-Star Break, evidently, did the Flames wonders. Having lost 5-2 to the Carolina Hurricanes a few games before, this time, it was Calgary who mostly dominated the play: particularly at even strength, although with two power play goals and a perfect penalty kill, their special teams were exemplary as well.

It isn't that often we've been able to say that this season, is it?

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