Four destinations for Dennis Wideman

Kent Wilson
July 20 2016 02:00PM

Brad Treliving has accomplished a lot this summer, but the one thing left on the to-do list (aside from sign the wonder kids) is get some bad money off the roster. Specifically the blueline, where the bottom of the rotation is cluttered with expensive, aging NHLers Deryk Engelland, Dennis Wideman and Ladislav Smid. 

Smid might be destined for LTIR, but that still leaves Wideman and Engelland as the probable third pairing. That's bad news: both are RH shots, neither is particularly fleet of foot and both tend to give up a lot of shots and scoring chances against. 

Engelland isn't going anywhere with his deal (plus the team still seems to like him), but is it possible to trade Wideman? If the Flames agree to eat some salary, there might be a few teams willing to take the plunge: the Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, Carolina Hurricanes and New York Islanders.

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Ladislav Smid's status is holding up the depth defenseman signings

Ryan Pike
July 20 2016 11:00AM

We're into mid-July around the hockey world and the Calgary Flames still have four restricted free agents left to re-sign. The most prominent names are forwards Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan (along with Freddie Hamilton), but blueliner Tyler Wotherspoon hasn't signed yet either. (Also on the market: unrestricted free agent Jakub Nakladal).

Given the quiet marketplace for blueliners, I've heard the question on Twitter (and elsewhere): why haven't Wotherspoon and/or Nakladal re-signed yet?

If you want a short answer, here it is: Ladislav Smid.

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A history of Flames numbers: #18, Matt Stajan

Ari Yanover
July 20 2016 08:00AM

Matt Stajan's number, before the Flames got him from Toronto, was #14. The problem? Well, #14 has kind of been permanently taken here. It's not going to be worn again - and it's not available. (Will there ever be a formal retirement? Well, who's to say.)

So he took #18 instead. It's had brief flashes of greatness, and right after them, it's had Stajan.

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Digging into the Flames and 2015-16 game scores

Ryan Pike
July 19 2016 02:00PM

What constitutes a "good game"? Many other sports, notably baseball, have seen their advanced stats communities tabulate what are known as "game scores," in an attempt to quantify what constitutes a good game.

In the context of ice hockey, obviously there are significant differences in terms of what are major events worthy of being captured in a game score. But the folks at Hockey Graphs have made an attempt. How does it work, and what can it tell us about the Calgary Flames?

Let's dive in!

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The great purge of the 2016 off-season

Ari Yanover
July 19 2016 11:00AM

The Calgary Flames didn't have many unrestricted free agents at the end of the 2015-16 season. They had a handful of bad goalies, Derek Grant, and Jakub Nakladal. The more meaningful names - Jiri Hudler, Kris Russell - were traded prior to the trade deadline, leaving the Flames with a shallow offering to the free agent pool. (Interestingly enough, neither has been signed yet.)

As a young team, though, the Flames had a ton of restricted free agents in need of new contracts. And instead of giving them those contracts, they cast nine of them to the wind.

It's a pretty great turnover. And yet, it won't be reflected that much in the NHL roster.

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