5 things: Getting close

Ryan Lambert
April 23 2015 11:00AM

1. Discipline

The big focus in the series to this point has been that everyone is trying to kill everyone else. Headshots aplenty, instigators rescinded, slashes and crosschecks and coaches fined. You get the idea.

Both teams are very guilty of playing this way; for every Hamhuis there's a Ferland, and for every Bieksa there's an Engelland. Maybe — maybe — you say the Canucks were the worse actors as the series wears on, because hey they're losing and they're frustrated. Remember, most of the bad stuff the Flames did also came in the game they lost.

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FGD Round 1, Game 5: To The Brink

Ryan Pike
April 23 2015 09:00AM

The last time the Calgary Flames won a playoff round, Paul Martin ran Canada and George W. Bush ran the United States. It was the (magical) spring of 2004, and the Flames shocked the world by beating the division-leading Vancouver Canucks in the first round. Now, here we are 11 years (and 10 seasons) later, and the Flames are in the midst of another magical spring, and they can finish off the Vancouver Canucks tonight.

But don't count on it being easy.

Vancouver's best game of the series - by far - was Game 2, where after losing Game 1 at home, the Canucks came out and played a structured, poised and aggressive 60 minutes of hockey. Calgary also played on their heels the entire time, and struggled to adjust.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. Vancouver has played two okay games in Calgary, but the Flames responded to their Game 2 setback with two strong games at home. One more strong effort stands between them and a second round date with the Anaheim Ducks. In hockey, as in life, nothing is given to you; it's up to the Calgary Flames to take this opportunity tonight, or risk Vancouver getting back into the series.

The puck drops after 8pm MT on CBC and Sportsnet 960 The Fan!

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Roster Update - April 22 2015

Ryan Pike
April 22 2015 06:33PM

It's an off-day for the Calgary Flames and the team's roster has grown with the addition of several "black aces" to the roster.

Since I was asked how many players are on the roster right now, here's a quick update:

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WWYDW: The Best of the Rest

Taylor McKee
April 22 2015 01:00PM

Well, this sure is fun. What Would You Do Wednesday Returns for some more fun.

Four games into this first-round and the Flames are a win away from winning a playoff round. Just as we all expected in September. Perhaps what is most remarkable about the past two victories by the Flames is just how utterly un-remarkable they were, contrary almost to the style in which Flames fans had become accustomed to victories this season. The Flames got a lead, held it, and won. Simple. The Flames have looked like a team that has been here before which is, well, not true.    

In order to achieve this, these first few games have had some remarkable performances from a number of players, though some may be getting overlooked. Let's talk about some of the Flames less-heralded performers after the jump

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What Went Wrong In Adirondack

Mike Cadarette
April 22 2015 10:00AM

This is the second part of a two part review of Adirondack’s season. If you haven’t already, check out the first part: “What Went Right in Adirondack”

This season can largely be looked at as a complete success for a rebuilding franchise. You’ve got young guys playing big minutes, leading the team in scoring and playing in all scenarios. You’ve got an NHL-calibre goalie progressing nicely. Plus, you’ve got a handful of surprises who weren’t expected to do much, but became key pieces on an already talented team.

Unfortunately with any team there are also dark times, failures and unmet expectations. These are them:

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