FN Mailbag - October 24, 2016

Kent Wilson
October 24 2016 08:00AM


Halloween is still a week away but things have already gotten scary in Calgary.

The Flames entered the year with a lot of optimism, but instead the team has kicked off 2016-17 with an almost historically bad start. They have the worst combined special teams in the league, have given up the most goals and have surrendered the most high danger scoring chances against. They look like a middling AHL club that awoke to find themselves inexplicably inserted into the NHL and they have no idea how to compete.

The bad news is, the Flames' schedule was incredibly soft to start they year, with lots of home games and lesser opponents. Things get much more difficult over the next few weeks, which means there's a chance this grim spectacle isn't the nadir of the season.

Now that's scary.

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Don't worry about Brian Elliott

Pat Steinberg
October 23 2016 10:00AM

The first impressions of Brian Elliott in a Calgary Flames uniform haven't been overly positive. With an 0-3 record and very unflattering totals thus far, some are wondering whether the Flames made the right call targeting Elliott as a solution to their goaltending issues. If you're in that camp, I'm here to ease your fears a little, because I think Elliott is going to be just fine.

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Blues 6, Flames 4 post-game embers: What else is there to say?

Ari Yanover
October 23 2016 08:00AM

In three of six games now, the Flames have scored four goals. They have won just one of those games, and the win came in overtime. They're averaging three goals a game, which is good for middle of the pack in the NHL right now. When you're scoring that often, you should have more than one win.

But they're also giving up 4.33 goals against per game. The only team that's doing worse? The Arizona Coyotes. (Coincidentally, the Coyotes are the only team lower than the Flames in the standings, too, though they've played two fewer games, so give it time.)

And it turns out that even Chad Johnson, in a good game, is vulnerable to it, too.

It's both everybody and nobody's fault. Though that kind of seems to be the theme this year, isn't it? It's the one thing that's been consistent so far.

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Post-Game: Black and blue

Ryan Pike
October 22 2016 11:29PM

It was obvious heading into this week that tonight's homestand capper against the St. Louis Blues would be a tough match-up for the Calgary Flames. The Blues are good, deep and well-coached and the Flames have been struggling.

This one wasn't ugly, but it was definitely hard to watch. Despite a fairly strong goaltending performance by Chad Johnson, all the warts of the 2016-17 Flames were on full display during a 6-4 loss to the Blues.

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FGD 6: Into the deep end (8pm; SN360/1)

Ryan Pike
October 22 2016 12:00PM

Lads and ladies, welcome to the first scary-looking game on the Calgary Flames 2016-17 calendar.

The Flames (1-3-1) have yet to really play a rock-solid 60 minute of ice hockey this season. They've struggled on the power play and have given up several goals on their penalty kill, despite several tactical improvements. Their opponents tonight are the St. Louis Blues (3-1-1), who went to the third round of the playoffs last season and have allowed 10 fewer goals than the Flames in as many games. They're playing well and coming in at a time where the Flames are not.

The puck drops at 8 p.m. MT on Sportsnet 360 (and One), and on Sportsnet 960 The Fan. Be advised that due to construction and events in the vicinity of Stampede Park, the Flames are advising fans to head down early (or take transit) to avoid bottlenecks.

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