The 2015-16 Contract Situation, Post-Gillies

Ryan Pike
April 16 2015 02:00PM

It's a bit of a sleepier day around the world of the Calgary Flames following the Game 1 victory, so let's take a deep breath and talk about something that's probably beginning to excite everybody - the future.

Jon Gillies signed his entry-level deal yesterday, and so I thought it was prudent to take a gander at the Flames' contract situation for next season as it stands right now.

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Just how clutch is Sean Monahan?

Ari Yanover
April 16 2015 01:00PM

Sean Monahan had a hell of a sophomore season. After his breakout rookie year, many were expecting him to regress; instead, he became a 30-goal scorer. He also nearly doubled his rookie point totals, jumping from 34 to 62. Injuries thrust him into a first line centre role, and he took to it pretty much immediately.

Once he was put in between Johnny Gaudreau and Jiri Hudler, that was pretty much it: an absolute force of a line, composed of absolute forces of players, was born.

There was something else going on with Monahan, though. It took him a while to get going, leading to sophomore slump speculation, but when he got going, he really got going. A 20-year-old led the Flames in goals, though he ultimately ended up tying with Hudler.

It's not just the number of goals he scored, though: it's when he scored them.

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5 things: Danger

Ryan Lambert
April 16 2015 11:00AM

1. You got me!!!!

So the Flames made the playoffs and Flames fans immediately started giving me stick about it.

Can't say I blame 'em, of course, because I spent the whole season basically beating a dead horse about how the team isn't good — it's not, by the way — and how the club would falter. It did not falter, and fans see this as a validation that they, in rooting for the team for arbitrary reasons, were correct in their analysis ("I think they're good because I like them") while the naysayers were wrong in theirs ("I've looked at a lot of data and they're not good").

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Calgary Flames Final Expectations Update

April 16 2015 11:00AM


Fair to say we all more or less guessed that this is where this Flames team would end up by season’s end, right?

It might be worth Brad Treliving making some calls about upgrading the suspension system for the team bus with all the media jumping on the Flames’ bandwagon as this season has worn on.

Whether they made the playoffs or not, one would have had to look very, very hard to find a complaint about the way the season rolled out.

But the Flames are in and the only Canadian teams on the outside looking in right now are the Oilers and Leafs so I can only imagine the warm and fuzzy feelings that elicits in the hearts of Flames fans right now.

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Playoff Post-Game: Flames Grit Out 2-1 Victory

Ryan Pike
April 15 2015 11:14PM

If the notion that the Calgary Flames made the playoffs is enough to give you a heart murmur, I suggest you relegate yourself to a quiet room for the next few weeks, because life is going to get a whole lot weirder.

The first example of that trend? The Calgary Flames have a lead in a playoff series following a very tight-checking, entertaining 2-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena.

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