FN Weekend Open Thread

Kent Wilson
April 14 2012 11:30AM



We'll continue with prospect and off-season coverage on Monday, but for the weekend consider this your brainstorming session. Opine on goalies, coaches, trade targets, draft targets, who the Flames should re-sign or not and potential depth charts heading into October.

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Robin Brownlee
April 13 2012 05:44PM

Unwilling to wander in the desert the way his neighbors to the north have these past six seasons, Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster is sticking to his guns when it comes to shaping his hockey team.

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Asking the Right Questions

Kent Wilson
April 13 2012 12:16PM



It occured to me recently, after watching Brian Burke bloviate, Jay Feaster deflect and Steve Tambellini ramble during their respective year-end press conferences, that the true issue facing mediocre (or worse) teams is not whether an executive has all the answers - it's if he has the wherewithal to ask the right questions.

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Flames 2011-12 Year End Roundtable

Kent Wilson
April 13 2012 12:10PM



Instead of a few individual posts on what went wrong this year and what the future may hold, I collected a few chaps from around here (Justin Azevedo, Ryan Lambert, Vintage Flame and Rob Vollman) and invited M&G editor Arik Knapp to discuss a few key points. In this year in review round table, I asked the guys about Brent Sutter, the Flames strengths and weaknesses and what they would like to see done this off-season.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: The Winners

Jonathan Willis
April 13 2012 09:14AM

For the first time in the history of this contest, we're going to update exactly when we said we were. Today, we present the winners of this year's Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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