The Good and Bad of Mikael backlund

Kent Wilson
January 09 2012 09:33PM

I've done something like this already this season, but it's time for another article praising Mikael Backlund.

It seems ridiculous on it's face to sing the praises of a forward who has scored six points in 28 games this season. That's about an 18-point pace over a full 82-game schedule, or approximately what Cory Sarich managed last year.

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Nation Radio - January 7, 2012

January 09 2012 10:34AM


Nation Radio's first show of 2012 is top notch. We leave the WJHC behind and get back to the business of talking NHL players and prospects. We get some in-depth Leafs updates courtesy JP NIkota and James Mirtle as well as some Flames talk (eyeroll) with Kent Wilson.

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Black Box: Week 14

Robert Vollman
January 09 2012 09:42AM



The road trips we warned you about are over, and the Flames walked away with 5 points in 7 games after 2 points in first 4, which actually isn't that bad a fate for the league's worst road team.  Now they're back at home where they have 7 wins in the past 8 games, thanks most recently to their softie over Minnesota Saturday. 

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The Problem With +/-

Justin Azevedo
January 08 2012 12:45PM


Many stat-heads, like myself, dislike +/- as a form of talent evaluation. For me, there are four main reasons why I don't like the stat.

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Alan Ryder's Player Contributions

Robert Vollman
January 08 2012 10:43AM


Alan Ryder just published his annual NHL Review over at Hockey Analytics – a 90-page monster full of everything you need to know about the 2010-11 NHL season, which begs the following questions for many of who: Who is Alan Ryder, and why should anyone with even a glimmer of interest in advanced statistical hockey analysis go and read it immediately?

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