Reasonable Expectations: Mason Raymond

August 13 2014 10:30AM

Double Flames-Palm

My initial reaction to the signing of Mason Raymond was undoubtedly tinted by the departure of Michael Cammalleri.  The squid left big shoes to fill and the timing made Raymond the obvious man to step into them.  The fact that Raymond was drafted by the Canucks and has been their property for most of his career didn't exactly help either.  However, reviled opponents often become beloved allies.  Is Raymond likely to win over devoted Canuck-haters such as myself?  

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Reasonable Expectations: Curtis Glencross

Ryan Pike
August 12 2014 08:30AM

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It's hard to get a complete handle on Curtis Glencross, especially after the past two seasons. In 2012-13, he missed 8 games due to injury but still had some of the better underlying numbers on the Calgary Flames despite being - based on PDO - one of the unluckiest regulars on the team.

Almost the exact opposite happened in 2013-14, except for the bad luck. That seemed to follow Glencross around, particularly on the injury front.

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Reasonable Expectations: Jiri Hudler

Ryan Pike
August 11 2014 08:30AM

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Jiri Hudler was Calgary's leading scorer last year, putting up 54 points for the Flames. It's the most points he's had in the NHL since 2008-09. However, he was a bit enigmatic, often playing invisibly and occasionally appearing and doing something cool in the offensive zone.

What can we expect from Hudler in 2014-15? It probably depends on how he's used.

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Weekend Open Thread: Are the World Juniors Important?

Ryan Pike
August 09 2014 08:30AM

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World Junior summer camps ended this past week, with a pair of Calgary Flames first round picks vying for spots on Team Canada in the form of Sam Bennett and Morgan Klimchuk, and Rushan Rafikov doing his best to cement his spot on the Russian U20 team.

Of course, amidst all this hubbub about trying out for international teams, Canada's Aaron Ekblad left the camp with a concussion and Robby Fabbri received a lower body injury. Yes, during a summer try-out camp for a tournament that runs during the middle of the North American playing season.

This leads to this week's Weekend Open Thread question: Are the World Juniors important?

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Byron Bader
August 08 2014 08:30AM

As we prepare for the upcoming Calgary Flames season, we here at FlamesNation will be bringing back an old favourite from yester-year: the Reasonable Expectations series, looking at what we can expect from the Flames on an individual basis based on their previous performances. To kick things off, new dad Byron Bader brings us a look at a FlamesNation favourite.

Mikael Backlund is an interesting case. Up until the 2013-14 season, he was regarded by many as a disappointment who hadn't lived up to expectations. To a small community of underlying-number enthusiasts, like the folks at FlamesNation, Backlund has always been an excellent possession player.

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