The FN Faceoff: Draft Lottery, the Heat and More (7pm MT Live)

Ryan Pike
April 15 2014 03:00PM

We're back with a very news-filled edition of the FlamesNation Faceoff!

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Heat Leaving Abbotsford

Ryan Pike
April 15 2014 08:15AM

UPDATE 3: Details.

Per the press release, the City of Abbotsford will pay the Flames $5.5 million to get out of the remaining 5 years of the deal - and it's actually LESS than the city projected they would lose if they stayed. (They paid the Heat $5.2 million over the past 4 years, after all.) They thanked the Flames for working with them, noting they had no legal obligation to negotiate with the City to end the deal. (They could've sat there and taken the free money, in other words.)

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Last Call for the Nation Charity Playoff Pool

April 14 2014 01:15PM


Playoffs? We're talking playoffs...playoff pools to be specific.

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2014 Garbage Bag Day Live-Blog

Ryan Pike
April 14 2014 10:40AM

It's all over but the cryin', folks.

Intrepid boy reporter (and FlamesNation managing editor) Ryan Pike is down at 'Dome all day for what's become a closing ritual in the NHL season: garbage bag day. So keep track of who's had their exit meetings and medicals, and what they say as they shuffle away for a summertime of self-improvement, strategy and golf.

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Weak Drafts: Truth or Myth?

Christian Roatis
April 14 2014 07:54AM

Let's get something out of the way right off the bat: no draft outright sucks. No draft is exceptionally worse than another. Yes, some drafts yield more superstars than others, and some appear more "sexy" before the fact, than others, but in general, every draft is about the same in terms of their yield. What does differ from year to year, is where that talent is found, and the amount of star talent resulting. Sometimes all the quality NHLers come from the 1st round, while sometimes the majority are drafted in the later rounds. One thing remains consistent: every single draft contains quality NHLers, the key is finding them.

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