FlamesNation Mid-season Roundtable

Kent Wilson
January 06 2012 10:25AM



The center pole of the season has come and gone. As is FN custom, I gathered our various contributors together and picked their brain about the Flames so far and how they might look in the future.

Also, Please note these inquiries were asked and answered before the debacle in Boston last night.

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Hello There

Justin Azevedo
January 06 2012 12:31AM


My name is Justin Azevedo. You may have seen my name over at the other site I contribute to or in the comment section here. As of now, I'm FlamesNation's newest writer (you're off the hook, VF!) and I also produce the NHL Numbers Podcast.

I don't really like introductory posts because I find them to be quite self-congratulatory, but I'll do my best to keep this one comfotable for everyone to read.

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Postgame: What a Beating

Pat Steinberg
January 05 2012 07:49PM

In a season full of bad performances, the Calgary Flames sunk to their lowest depths Thursday night, finishing their seven game stretch away from home with an embarrassing 9-0 loss to the Boston Bruins.  The debacle of monumental proportions started just 74 seconds in and didn't end until Daniel Paille scored Boston's ninth of the night shorthanded at 8:43 of the third period.  You can make it five straight losses for Calgary after this one.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 42 vs Boston Bruins

Kent Wilson
January 05 2012 07:34PM




Final Score: 9-0 L

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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Game 42 - Flames vs Bruins Live Chat

Kent Wilson
January 05 2012 03:54PM

The Bruins are a scary good team right now. Not only do they drive possession relatively well at ES, but they are also running hot in terms of percentages. The latter isn't likely to hold forever, but while it does BOS is close to unbeatable. They've been the best team in the league over the last 25 games or so and represent the stiffest test for the Flames on this trip.


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