Vintage Flame
August 19 2012 03:35PM

Today is sort of a milestone day for me. It was a year ago this very day that I went from commenter to contributing writer here at Flames Nation. It has been a phenomenal experience and the responses I have had from everyone over the past 365 days has made it all that more of a rush. Not only have your comments been appreciated, but your concerns as well, when I had to take a leave of absence.

I also want to thank Robert Cleave and Pat Steinberg for their guidance over the past year, in writing, style and general advice. Most of all to Kent for, without him, none of this would have ever been possible in the first place Thanks Boss!

In keeping with this theme today, I wanted to talk about another milestone or goal that is hopefully achieved this year within the Calgary Flames. Recently Curtis Glencross stated in the media that he would like to set his sights on a season of 30 goals and 30 assists. Last year, Scoreface (Sorry Justin) managed 26 G and 22 A while playing only 67 games. Is it out of the realm of possibility for him to hit a 30/30 campaign this year provided he stays healthy; and well provided we have a season this year?

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FN Weekend OPen Thread - Flames Roster in Three Years

Kent Wilson
August 18 2012 09:46AM



One of the potential risks of the looming lock-out for the Flames (both team and fans) is the possibility Jarome Iginla's final season in town will either be severely shortened or wiped out entirely. The club could eliminate that risk by re-signing the captain sooner rather than later, but that causes the org to step into a whole new minefield given his age and the uncertainty surrounding a new CBA.

Of course, we also don't know if Iginla is even willing to re-sign in Calgary at this point.

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Five things: Let's just address some stuff

Ryan Lambert
August 16 2012 08:41AM

1. The latest Bouwmeester rumors

Okay so now the rumor kicking around about Jay Bouwmeester — if he's traded, and he will be, maybe, but probably he will, except not unless the team is bowled over by an offer, which it won't be, because his salary is too high, but teams are desperate so they might trade for him, if Calgary is willing, which it's unclear if they are — is that his most likely destination is Detroit (unless it isn.. forget it). And the potential return from the Red Wings?

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Martin Lapointe and NHL player salaries

JP Nikota
August 15 2012 07:49AM

"Everybody but the people who run teams base performance on how many points you get [or] how many goals. Well, we don't. If he gets goals, that helps, but you have to look at the overall contribution to the team. Martin [Lapointe]'s a character person. He comes to play every night. He came from a winning program. And we needed at his position."

- Harry Sinden

The above quote tells us a lot about how the NHL's financial situation got to be where it is today.

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News and Notes from the Weekend

Ryan Pike
August 13 2012 11:14PM

Leland Irving (Resolute/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)


The Flames organization continued to collect goaltenders at a torrid pace this past week. After signing Leland Irving on July 27, the Abbotsford Heat followed suit with a pair of signings. The baby Flames inked veteran netminder Barry Brust on August 8 and Danny Taylor on August 10.

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