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November 07 2014 07:30AM

Carter Ashton suspended 20 games, Oilers and Flames moving in opposite directions, Canucks sustaining success, prospects, porn and more in this weeks Roundup

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POST GAME: Paquette In Boys

Taylor McKee
November 06 2014 08:12PM

Oh well, That streak was fun. 

In what was a pretty entertaining game, the Flames simply ran out of magic against a far-superior Lightning team. The Lightning beat the Flames 5-2 though for the first two periods, the Flames were able to keep things relatively close. 

The wheels fell off in a nightmareish third period for the Flames who committed too many turnovers, allowed too many breakaways, and benched too many Sven Baertschis. 

Read all about it after the jump!

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FGD #15: (Tampa) Bay City Rollers (5:30pm MT, SN Flames)

Ryan Pike
November 06 2014 12:00PM

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As I write this, the Calgary Flames sit fourth overall in the National Hockey League (with a 8-4-2 record). If I had written that after, say, the first day of the season or the first week of the season, that'd be one thing.

But it's a month in and 17% of the schedule has whooshed by, so suffice it to say everyone following the team is some combination of shocked and impressed. The odds-makers set the over/under for Calgary points at 75 points; they need to go 28-40-0 (or thereabouts) to hit that mark. Granted, there are 68 games remaining, but it seems rather unlikely that if the bounces correct themselves, they correct that severely (and completely).

Tonight the Flames face the Tampa Bay Lightning (8-3-1) at the newly-renamed Amalie Arena (5:30pm MT; Sportsnet Flames and Sportsnet 960 The Fan). It's an interesting game for a few reasons. The Flames are a strong road team right now and have won three straight. The Lightning are a strong home team right now and have won three straight.

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Five things: A college prospect update

Ryan Lambert
November 06 2014 09:00AM

1. You don't want to hear it

So here we are with the Flames still, against all odds, winning their games, and starting to look like they could be this year's Avalanche: A team that dramatically overperforms its underlying numbers by getting every bounce for an entire season. Yeah, it's still relatively early, but we're almost 20 percent of the way through the season and the Flames are tied for second in the division, ahead of San Jose and Los Angeles (somehow).

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Recent Drafts At A Glance

Ryan Pike
November 05 2014 09:00AM

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The Calgary Flames get a day off in sunny Florida today after a pretty solid 4-3 overtime win over the Washington Capitals. They are now inexplicably four games over .500 with an 8-4-2 record, and points-wise they're eight games ahead of where they were this time last year.

Granted, the team's performance is still driven by hot goaltending and timely goals - not possession play - so it's almost definitely not sustainable.

But, the team's performances of late have highlighted how much the team's drafting has turned around lately, with three of the four goals scored against Washington being scored by players that the Flames have drafted and developed - and six different draftees in the line-up against the Capitals last night.

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