Flames Potential Trade Partner: Washington Capitals

Kent Wilson
July 07 2011 02:07PM



While the UFA market is mostly tapped out, a few other potential avenues of improvement still exist for Feaster and the Calgary Flames. The latest may be the Washington Capitals and their precarious cap position. Washington boasts a number of things the Flames need, so a cap friendly trade for them might be benefical for both clubs.

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Flames Re-sign Irving plus Pelech News

Kent Wilson
July 06 2011 09:49PM



Some minor news out of Flamesland today. First, the club announced the re-signing of RFA Leland Irving to a one-year, two-way deal worth $600,000. Second,, Former first rounder Matt Pelech was signed by the San Jose Sharks to a similar one year, two-way $550,000 contract.

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Anton BabchuK: Luxury Item

Robert Cleave
July 06 2011 01:01AM



I'll confess I've watched the reaction to the Anton Babchuk signing with a bit of bemusement since the Flames re-upped their free agent defender Monday afternoon. There seems to be a school of thought that accepts the deal as reasonable given the current silly FA market, and people believing his ticket is fair value could well be correct that it might not be out of line for what he brings. My problem, however, isn't so much with the contract per se, but with the inability of the Flames to see the forest for the trees.

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Bartschi Signs

Pat Steinberg
July 05 2011 02:46PM

Doing what was expected earlier in the week, the Calgary Flames have indeed signed 13th overall pick Sven Bartschi to a standard entry level contract.  It's a three year deal that'll pay him $925,000 per season, however with this being the final year of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, all bonuses count on entry level deals, meaning Bartschi's cap hit will end up being $1.45 million if he ends up playing with the big club.

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The Pros and Cons of Anton Babchuk

Kent Wilson
July 05 2011 09:41AM



During the season I was adamant the Flames should not re-sign Anton Babchuk when his ticket expired in the summer. This probably struck many people as odd - the big Ukrainian scored eight goals and 27 points in just 69 games for the Flames and was a +18 to boot. He also added an element to Calgary's power-play that has been missing since Dion Pahneuf left town: a booming slapshot from the point.

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