Jeff Petry and the Calgary Flames

February 11 2015 01:00PM

So here it is. I think the Calgary Flames should trade for Jeff Petry. What’s that I hear you say?

“Here we go, another Oilers fan trying to pawn off dysfunctional players on the Flames”

No, not at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

Let’s start by taking a look at the player and see if we can gauge where he fits on the Oilers and then try to translate that to comparable players around the league, adjusting for team differences. Once we’ve done that we can then see if he would translate as a net gain for the Flames were he to be added.

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Flames Season Already A Success

Christian Roatis
February 11 2015 11:00AM


With fewer than 30 games to be played in 2014/15 edition of the National Hockey League’s regular season, time has finally come to shift our focus away from the horror that has been this season for the Calgary Flames and onto the fruits their incompetence will bear via the NHL Entry Draft in a few months time.

Wait. That’s not right. Playoffs? What?!

That opening paragraph is how I expected to open a piece written in February about the Calgary Flames, but instead it looks strikingly out of place. The season has been anything but a horror and one hasn’t even muttered the words “McDavid” or “Eichel” around these parts since mid-October.

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What the Heck Happened to Max Reinhart?

Mike Cadarette
February 11 2015 08:00AM

[Editor's Note: Folks, please welcome the newest member of our writing family, Mike Cadarette! He'll be writing about the team's prospects, among other topics!]

No, seriously. What the heck happened to him?

It wasn’t all that long ago that Flames fans were taken by surprise at the type of 2013-14 season Max Reinhart had achieved. If you would’ve guessed that he would increase his scoring by 42 points and triple his goal total from one season to the next, you should probably buy more Lotto Max tickets.

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Let's Talk About The Power Play

Ryan Pike
February 10 2015 05:00PM

The Calgary Flames have been one of the NHL's worst possession teams this season. Whether you want to look at shots, Corsi, Corsi Close, Fenwick, Fenwick Close or any other metric, the Calgary Flames are not super amazing at puck possession.

As a result, Calgary's special teams are going to be crucially important for the team to continue to have success, particularly if the club makes the post-season.

So let's talk about the power-play!

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More Ex-Flames Join Concussion Lawsuits

Ryan Pike
February 10 2015 03:00PM

Way back in November of 2013, 10 former players filed suit against the National Hockey League in regards to the league's responsibility of protecting players from the dangers of concussions. Today, another 30 former players filed suit in U.S. District Court in Minnesota, per Adam Proteau of The Hockey News.

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