February 08 2015 01:15PM

Dylan Strome is an exciting 2015 draft prospect. 6.03, 187 with exceptional hands and some astounding boxcars, he is expected to be taken near the top of the draft. What does he bring? What are his down arrows? Let's have a look.

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First Star, Worst Star: February 8, 2015

February 08 2015 11:07AM


We're close to 3/4 of the way through the season, the playoff race is heating up, games are becoming more meaningful by the day, and Oiler and Leaf fans are making plans for their annual No-Playoffs Spring. And since it's the first Sunday without any football to distract us why don't you go ahead and use this weeks First Star, Worst Star to ignore your family! 

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Five Things That Could Cost The Flames A Playoff Berth

Steve Macfarlane
February 08 2015 09:19AM

The Calgary Flames are a playoff* team.

Did you notice the asterisk?

The loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night served as a reminder to fans of the overachieving local heroes that they can’t afford to play bad games very often. They’re a playoff team by virtue of their current spot in the standings and their point pace, which projects to 94 in the Western Conference standings. That number was 96 just a couple of nights ago. Losing back-to-back games in regulation after a three-game winning streak would drop it to 93 (and that’s rounding up).

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Nation World HQ
February 08 2015 07:30AM


Another week is in the books, and that means it's time for another edition of the Pacific War Room. What is the Pacific War Room? Each week, our friends at the Royal Half round up a summary of the week that was from the best and brightest bloggers from around the Pacific Division.

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What's Changed - The Players

Ryan Pike
February 07 2015 01:01PM

Yesterday, we examined the team-level changes and circumstances that have led the Calgary Flames to being where they are today - inexplicably in the playoff picture despite being just as bad, or worse, in several areas.

Let's take a quick glance at the players today.

We're focusing exclusively on regulars and using Corsi For percentage and each player's Corsi Rel (the difference between the team's Corsi For when they're on the ice versus on the bench) to compare.

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