FGD: A Trip to Hockeyville (5pm MT, SN360)

Ryan Pike
September 24 2014 09:35AM

CBC's grip on the game of ice hockey may soon become but a memory as Sportsnet gets more and more accustomed to owning the NHL rights for eons, but one of the cooler remnants of the CBC Era will likely be Kraft Hockeyville.

Canadians nominated a community that deserved or required rink upgrades and provided a story as to why. In the case of Sylvan Lake, the roof of their old arena collapsed in January. CBC viewers liked their story, so they won arena upgrades and a bunch of cool CBC-related prizes, including hosting tonight's pre-season clash between the Arizona Coyotes and your beloved Calgary Flames (5pm MT; Sportsnet 360 and Fan 960).

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News and Notes - September 23 2014

Ryan Pike
September 23 2014 12:44PM

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We are about to get busy in a hurry, gang.

Following a handful of cuts, ending the NHL dreams of seven players for this season, the Flames are about to embark upon the busiest pre-season stretch that they'll face: three games in three nights AND four games in five nights. We should be down to a more manageable group by that point, but for now, keep those roster sheets handy.

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Random Thoughts - Calgary's Cautious Summer

Kent Wilson
September 22 2014 10:51AM


The long summer is finally at an end and aside from hiring a new GM, the Flames had a relatively quiet off-season. They made some nominal additions via free agency, eschewed the trade market and weren't one of the clubs to dive head first into the analytics craze. Probably the best description of the club's activities is "cautious", which isn't a bad thing given where the team is in its new phase of evolution.

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Post-Game: A Split Squad Split

Ryan Pike
September 21 2014 10:04PM

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Well folks, the first two pre-season dates on the Calgary Flames 2014-15 calendar are in the books, as the Flames and Edmonton Oilers did battle in a pair of simultaneous games. In Calgary, the home side won 1-0. In Edmonton, the home side won 3-1. In both games, the visiting team was said to be listless at times. In both games, the home side was said to have been filled with more recognizable names.

It was the first day of the pre-season.

This report will mostly focus on the game at the Saddledome. For a recap of the game in Edmonton, ON's Jason Gregor has one for your reading pleasure. Curtis Glencross scored Calgary's only goal (on the power-play), while Marco Roy, Justin Schultz and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored for Edmonton.

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F(E)GD: Double Trouble

September 21 2014 03:34PM


"Welcome to the preseason," he said, with the anticipation of the crowd slowly withering into a hollow chaff. "Please, contain your excitement"

It all gets going again tonight, as future hopes and dreams of young men and somewhat older young men begin to be realized; possibly crushed. The path to FGD 1 begins with stereo exhibition tilts tonight here in Calgary and the crestfallen cesspool up north in Dreadmonton. It promises to be good exist.

This game, of course, is just a simple exhibition match: a precursor to what promises to be another year in transition for both Albertan squads looking to claw their way back into relevance. It's simply a game of evaluation for the coaching squads aiming to get their charges in shape and figuring out who's going to play where.

But for the hockey starved fan (that's you), it's a chance to get your cheering and trolling game into midseason form, an opportunity for you to watch your favourite team take on their hated rivals who you want terrible, despicable things to happen to, and to watch a potentially awesome thing that only happens in the preseason: a chance for the Flames to beat the Oilers twice in the same night.

Yeah, I've got your attention now, don't I?

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