Flames Hurting: Three to IR, Two Recalled

Ryan Pike
November 28 2013 11:40AM

The Calgary Flames may officially be in injury trouble, as the team made a lot of moves related to injuries in the last 24 hours.

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Five things: Have I got a stat for you

Ryan Lambert
November 28 2013 09:18AM

1. The Backlund situation

So word on the street is that the Flames are actively shopping Mikael Backlund for reasons that outright defy explanation. Sure, they're not just taking any old bodies you want to give up for him, as Carolina reportedly found to its dismay, but this is taking the sell-off of parts to an illogical extreme.

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Post-Game: Kane Enabled

Taylor McKee
November 27 2013 11:50PM

The Flames took on the NHL-best Chicago Blackhawks tonight and, well, provided fans with the illusion that they could beat them in regulation before collapsing in the third period again, this time with no chance of extra-time heroics.

On the strength of two third period goals from Patick Kane, one of which coming with 18 seconds left, the Hawks overcame a 2-0 third period lead and stunned the dome crowd whom had seen Sean Monahan score a beauty early in the third to give the Flames that same 2-0 lead.

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FGD: Rags vs Riches

Byron Bader
November 27 2013 12:31PM


(Welcome Byron Bader, a long time reader and new contributor here at FN! His first article is today's FGD)

The Blackhawks are as close to a dynasty as you’ll find in the modern, parity-filled, NHL. The reigning Stanley Cup champions are the only team to have won two Stanley Cups in close succession (three year span) since the 2004-05 lockout. In fact, they are the only team to have won two Stanley Cups since the 2004-05 lockout.

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Fallout from new Canadian TV deal uncertain, but expect prices to rise

Jonathan Willis
November 27 2013 07:47AM

With the news yesterday that Rogers and the NHL had agreed on a 12-year, $5.232 billion Canadian television deal, the overwhelming reaction was uncertainty. We don’t know how this will effect TSN or CBC, we don’t know how Rogers will cover the game, and we don’t know if the hockey-watching experience will be better a year from now than it is today.

What we know for sure is that NHL hockey is going to be on Rogers. What we also know, with barely less certainty, is that it’s going to cost more to watch.

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