Report: Flames Kicked Tires On Mike Richards

Ryan Pike
January 26 2015 03:15PM

The biggest news of the day throughout the hockey world was the Los Angeles Kings placing forward Mike Richards (and his $5.75 million cap hit) on waivers, presumably for the purpose of ridding themselves of his contract or burying it in the minors.

TSN's Bob McKenzie had an interesting bit of background on the Kings' move:

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Let's Talk About Centers

Ryan Pike
January 26 2015 01:30PM

After 47 games, the Calgary Flames are in both an unfamiliar spot and a familiar one. They reached the All-Star Break in a playoff spot, somewhere they haven't ended a season in the last five years.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.35.49 PM

The other place they're in is near the bottom of the NHL's face-off rankings, where they've been for the last few seasons. And given the importance of winning key draws plays in winning key games - and making the playoffs - let's have a chat about face-offs. While the Flames aren't all that good, I think it's one area where coaching has actually done the most with what they've been given.

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Flames call up Baertschi and the Wolf

Kent Wilson
January 26 2015 12:08PM

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive! This morning in Random Thoughts I noted that David Wolf would be an interesting call-up for the Flames and soon after the club made it so by recalling him with Sven Baertschi and Tyler Wotherspoon. 

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Nation Network NHL Power Rankings: All-Star Break Edition

Thomas Drance
January 26 2015 11:48AM

Photo Credit: Mike Miller/Wikimedia Commons

They've been called "the Glenn Healy" of NHL Power Rankings, they've been furiously annotated and derided as useless. And now they're here. Available across the Nation Network: it's NHL Power Rankings!

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Random Thoughts - January 26 2015

Kent Wilson
January 26 2015 09:00AM

random thoughts

It's almost February and the Flames are still hanging around the post-season picture. That means, absent a disastrous February, they may not be ardent sellers come the trade deadline in early March. In fact, they may be buyers! Which, of course, goes a bit against the grain of the current overarching focus of the organization. While making the play-offs is always preferable to not, it would nevertheless be foolish to start selling off quality future assets for deadline rentals given where this club is in their rebuild cycle.

That said, maybe there are a few incremental improvements that management could pursue that would aid the future without harming the present? 

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