Adirondack Might Be Really Good This Season

Ryan Pike
September 05 2014 08:30AM

Friends, to this point of the off-season, your buddies here at FlamesNation have broken down what's likely going to happen for your Calgary Flames in 2014-15. And it's been a bit depressing, because more than likely the Flames are going to miss out on participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the sixth straight season. And perhaps things have been a bit doom and gloom around here because we've been talking about how bad this team is going to be - and they will be - all summer.

But chin up, folks. Because the Flames do have a lot of prospects in their system. And a lot of them range from good to excellent in several aspects of their games. And a lot of those good prospects will be on the same team this year - Calgary's new AHL affiliate in Adirondack.

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Nation World HQ
September 05 2014 08:05AM

Sean Monahan a cautionary tale for Leon Draisaitl, advanced stats for dummies, player profiles, prospect depth charts and more in this week's Roundup

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Reasonable Expectations: Sven Baertschi

Ryan Pike
September 04 2014 02:30PM

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It can be easy to forget something - Sven Baertschi turns 22 in the first week of the season. He's lived in North America for just four years, arriving in the summer of 2010 to join the Portland Winterhawks.

In a bit of a contrast from Max Reinhart, Baertschi's a flashy player. He's got immense offensive talent. He's got, as the kids say, swagger. He's hit a few stumbling blocks over the past few years, yo-yoing between Calgary and Abbotsford, and at times struggling to stay healthy.

But even though the Calgary Flames have added Johnny Gaudreau, Sam Bennett, Sean Monahan and Emile Poirier (among others) since Baertschi was drafted in the 2011 Draft, he remains one of the team's most entertaining and exciting offensive talents.

Is this the season he puts it all together?

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Five things: Some wiggle room

Ryan Lambert
September 04 2014 08:30AM

1. Okay, so they are addressing defense

No sooner had I published last week's Five Things — in which I speculated that the team might like to add another right wing, or perhaps a defenseman — than Brad Treliving went out and said the latter part was true. The team would indeed like to add another veteran D to shore things up, rather than hope someone like Tyler Wotherspoon or Patrick Sieloff, or a long-time AHLer, was NHL-ready all of a sudden.

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An Outsiders Inside view of the NHL Stats Revolution - Part 2

Kent Wilson
September 03 2014 12:00PM


(In part 1 I discussed the current state of advanced stats in the NHL with a view to defining an "ideal state" for NHL clubs in their efforts to establish modern analytics departments. In part 2, we look at where this form of analysis came from and where it may be headed in the future)

“I’ve never said, never thought, that it was better to be an outsider than it was to be an insider, that my view of the game was better than anyone else’s. It’s different; better in some ways, worse in some ways. What I have said is, since we are outsiders…let us use our position as outsiders to what advantage we can. Let us back off from the trees, look at the forest as a whole, and see what we can learn from that.”

- Bill James

Having been an early adopter and advocate of possession-based analysis, perhaps the most common complaint I encountered over the years was how, if corsi was so valuable, it was not actively employed by those who make their living inside the game. If the virtues of this analysis are so clear, why didn't the experts come up with it? How could a bunch of no-name amateurs create something that could be of value to experienced, lifelong hockey men? 

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