The Worst Draft Picks In Flames History: An Airing Of Grievances Part 1 (sadly)

March 20 2013 02:37PM




You may recall our ten part series showcasing the Flames best ever draft picks (Mister Number One Theoren Fleury even read the one dedicated to him), and you might have sat back in your chair and fondly recalled the triumphs and milestones achieved by one time Flames greats. You may have felt a chill run down your spine while recalling an Al MacInnis slap shot, or welled up with pride envisioning Gary Roberts charge down his wing, or gotten lost forever in the beautifully deep eyes of Hakan Loob.

It was good times.

Today, we're heading in a different direction. This is going to be gut wrenching, but given the current turmoil of today's Calgary Flames, we present the Yang to the Top Ten Draft Picks' Yin, a snapshot of some of the worst draft picks to ever throw on a Flaming C or Horse Head Jersey (if they ever did at all). It's a gutwrenching but thoughtful reminder that, hey, it can always get worse.

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The Flames Rebuild Roadmap

Kent Wilson
March 20 2013 10:03AM


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I think one of the big mistakes by rebuilding teams is to concentrate solely on draft picks and big whale hunts. Improving a team can also be done in smaller, incremental steps by making a series of good bets like buying low on the Froliks and Burmistrovs of the world.

I left that in a comment yesterday, but I think I should expand on it further since the idea could use some clarification.

As we've discussed previously, when hockey fans think "rebuild", they seem to think of the "scorched earth" variety where the organization simply liquidates any and all worthwhile assets over the age of 25 in an effort to gather draft picks and also be bad enough to finish in the lottery. 

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Flames Deadline Trade Targets

Kent Wilson
March 19 2013 11:18AM



Although we don't currently know if the Flames are going to be sellers or buyers at the deadline, we do know what the organizational needs are: younger guys, quality prospects, possession forwards (particularly centers) and draft picks. And future stars, of course.

Whether buy or sell, "go for it" or "burn it down", the club should be targeting worthwhile targets in the above categories as much as possible given organizational needs. Naturally, it's more likely the team will be selling but that certainly doesn't mean they can't be looking at NHL ready bodies coming back in some of their deals, on top of futures.

With that in mind, here's some guys I'd like to see the Flames asking about come April 3:

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POST-GAME: I Ain't No Fortunate Son

Vintage Flame
March 18 2013 10:55PM


When you're beaten down 8-1, like the Stars were in their own barn, you have to know they were going to come out looking to take out all their frustrations at the first available opportunity; in this case, your Calgary Flames.

Calgary wasn't going to to get the benefit of facing the Stars' back up tonight, so if they wanted two points out of this one tonight, they were going to have to beat Kari Lehtonen; and he's no slouch.

Sometimes the NHL is a game of bounces. You hope when they come, you're the team that reaps the benefits, and when the bounces don't go your way... well, then you pray for a miracle.

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FGD: Not-So-Shining Stars

Ryan Pike
March 18 2013 01:20PM



The Calgary Flames hit the road for a three-game swing this week, one that will probably tip the scales regarding their playoff fate. That is, unless they go 1-1-1, in which case they'll tread water.

Nonetheless, the Flames begin their trip with a jaunt to Dallas to visit the Stars for their third meeting of the year. Calgary (11-11-4) previously beat Dallas twice – once on February 13 by a 7-4 score and once on February 17 by a 4-3 margin. Now the Flames face them one more time, again with a back-up netminder between the pipes.

Can the Flames continue their success against Big D? Or will their 1-5-1 record when trying to get over the .500 hump be a portent of doom? Find out live on Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960 The Fan at 6:30pm.

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