Five things: Look at the new guy

Ryan Lambert
May 09 2012 09:09AM

1. What to make of the Cervenka signing?

It came out last week that the Calgary Flames had signed former KHL all-star Roman Cervenka, who's a 26-year-old center, to a one-year deal with $3.775 million deal.

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On Value: Cap Hits and Perception

May 08 2012 11:50AM



In the history of hockey, the salary cap is relativey a new idea. In some ways it seems like it's been around forever, but the implementation was only a few years ago and how we tend look at it shows that.

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"When Cervenka Was Younger, Nobody Believed in Him"

Andrey Osadchenko
May 08 2012 09:46AM



Roman Cervenka joined the KHL in 2010 to play alongside with Jaromir Jagr in Avangard. However, he never made it a secret it was just a temporary stop for him on his journey to the NHL. Here’s a translated interview with Cervenka from his early KHL days in 2010.

Maria Mikhalenko of Sports.Ru originally talked to Cervenka, while Jaromir Jagr volunteered to be the translator. Well, sort of…

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Rating the Flames Defensively

Robert Vollman
May 07 2012 04:57PM


Measuring a player’s defensive contributions statistically is currently one of the most difficult things to do. You can’t just look at goals (or shots) against, because the great defensive players are up against the toughest opponents and in their own end, while the weaker ones are against softer opponents mostly in the opposing zone. Calculating for this is very challenging and even if you could, is there really a way to compare how effectively a player in one situation did relative to someone in another?

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Pursuing True Change

Kent Wilson
May 07 2012 11:53AM



I mentioned in another article recently that Jay Feaster would be well served to make some very real alterations to the Calgary Flames this summer in the face of fan's shifting perceptions of the team. In my estimation, selling a "shift in gears" will be easier both short term and long term given the club's low chances of succeeding via the status quo.

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