May 13 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
May 13 2011 11:24AM




With the post-season at the midpoint, it's time again for a review of matters around the league. In this installment, the Sharks finish the Wings, the Eastern Conference goes on vacation, and the league puts out a fire in the desert. Maybe.

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Getting Higgy With It

Pat Steinberg
May 11 2011 01:29AM

Continuing in the theme of former Flames players who are still playing into mid-May, today we look at a guy who didn't have much more than a cup of coffee in Calgary.  Much like Ian White in San Jose, Vancouver's Chris Higgins has been a much traveled man over the past two seasons, with stints in New York and Florida to go along with his Canadian stops.  Now a conference finalist with the Canucks, Higgins has proved to be a very important addition, something those who watched him here shouldn't be surprised at.

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The Flames and UFA Perception

Kent Wilson
May 10 2011 01:13PM



Interesting discussion on the FAN960 this morning between Dean Molberg and Rhett Warrener. The issue was the Flames perception in the UFA market and how that might impact the club going forward.

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Contrarian Corner: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Conference Finals

Ryan Lambert
May 09 2011 02:47PM



It's incredibly likely, albeit not yet certain, that the Detroit Red Wings are about to be bounced from the Conference Semifinals for the second straight year, leaving the Sharks to advance through them once again.

And now we have to start asking very serious questions about what this means for the future of the best franchise of the last decade and a half.

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Scoring Chances - A Brief History and Background

Kent Wilson
May 09 2011 02:01PM



I won't be quoting any numbers or arcane stats in the post today. I won't even be contributing much original material. Mostly I just wanted to call attention to this interesting article by David Staples of the Edmonton Journal on the history of scoring chances and "non-traditional" stats in the NHL.

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