Does Enroth Deal Indicate Ramo's Value?

Ryan Pike
February 12 2015 11:00AM

In the second deal of the day for the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday, the Sabres sent goaltender Jhonas Enroth to the Dallas Stars in exchange for goalie Anders Lindback and a conditional third round selection in this year's draft.

The Enroth swap may indicate a general value for goaltenders that could provide an idea of what Karri Ramo could net, if traded.

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Five things: A preview of sorts

Ryan Lambert
February 12 2015 09:00AM

1. Tonight, tonight

While one would normally hesitate to call any game in mid-February "a big one," tonight's game at Los Angeles is about as big as a mid-February game is likely to get.

The Flames are holding on somewhat comfortably to that playoff spot of theirs, and prior to last night's games were tied for second in the division, which no one thought possible for Feb. 11 way back in September. They keep winning, but San Jose (albeit with two extra games played after Wednesday's tilt with Washington) and Vancouver (still holding a game in hand following the Chicago matchup) are hovering close; that seems like it's shaping up to be a three-horse race the rest of the way, and that's if everything goes ideally for the Flames.

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WWYDW: Myers Is Gone, Who Do You Target?

Ryan Pike
February 11 2015 03:00PM

The big news of the day in the hockey world is the blockbuster trade between the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo Sabres. Not only is it a big thing for both of the teams involved, but it also has a ripple effect across the remainder of the National Hockey League.

The Jets added towering young defender Tyler Myers, a player long thought on the trade block for the right price. The Flames are among many, many teams in a precarious position. Not only do the Flames likely want to make a move to counter the Jets big move and keep their team competitive in the Western playoff race, but Myers suddenly being off the market likely drives up the price for every other secondary defender on the market.

So, if you're the Flames, What Do You Do?

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Jeff Petry and the Calgary Flames

February 11 2015 01:00PM

So here it is. I think the Calgary Flames should trade for Jeff Petry. What’s that I hear you say?

“Here we go, another Oilers fan trying to pawn off dysfunctional players on the Flames”

No, not at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

Let’s start by taking a look at the player and see if we can gauge where he fits on the Oilers and then try to translate that to comparable players around the league, adjusting for team differences. Once we’ve done that we can then see if he would translate as a net gain for the Flames were he to be added.

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Flames Season Already A Success

Christian Roatis
February 11 2015 11:00AM


With fewer than 30 games to be played in 2014/15 edition of the National Hockey League’s regular season, time has finally come to shift our focus away from the horror that has been this season for the Calgary Flames and onto the fruits their incompetence will bear via the NHL Entry Draft in a few months time.

Wait. That’s not right. Playoffs? What?!

That opening paragraph is how I expected to open a piece written in February about the Calgary Flames, but instead it looks strikingly out of place. The season has been anything but a horror and one hasn’t even muttered the words “McDavid” or “Eichel” around these parts since mid-October.

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