WWYDW: Glencrossroads

Taylor McKee
February 18 2015 01:00PM

Today is Glencross day here at FN! What Would You Do Wednesday, Glencross edition.

Heading into this season, it seemed a forgone conclusion that Curtis Glencross would be sold off to the highest bidder at the trade deadline this season. I myself figured the Flames would be in full "everything on sale, including fixtures and furniture" mode by this point in the season. Well, at last check, he isn't even on TSN's big list of players rumoured-to-be-perhaps-will-be-traded.  

The Flames recent tentative return to relevance has completely changed the mindset of this franchise and the 2015 trade deadline but it at least seems as though the Flames won't be diving head-first into the rental market either. However, the Flames do have one intriguing decision to make with one of their expiring contracts, Curtis Glencross.

Check out a myriad of questions and the oldest interview I could find with ol' Scoreface after the jump!

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Friedman: Flames, Glencross not believed to be 'gaining traction' in contract talks

Thomas Drance
February 18 2015 11:00AM

What will become of long-time Calgary Flames forward Curtis Glencross before the NHL trade deadline? 

The 32-year-old middle-six forward is a pending unrestricted free agent, and contract talks between his camp and the Flames appear to have stalled, according to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman.

The clock is ticking on Calgary forward Curtis Glencross...

Glencross has no-trade protection, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Boston, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay (possibly) and Winnipeg from sniffing around at various points this season. No one is talking, but it doesn’t seem like contract talks are gaining traction. It is believed Glencross prefers Anaheim, but it would surprise no one if he works with the Flames to widen that list.

So what's the right play on the Glencross front? For a Flames club that's still building for the future, but also finds themselves in the middle of a hotly contested playoff run in the Western Conference, it isn't a simple question.

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Let's Face Facts: Hiller is the #1 Goalie

Ryan Pike
February 18 2015 09:00AM

Every few games, someone in the media horde will ask. And every few games, Bob Hartley will have a similar response.

Have they decided on a number-one netminder? No. They have two number-ones.

All due respect to Coach Hartley, but that's simply not true based on the way the goalies are being used.

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Scoreboard Watching - February 17 2015

Ryan Pike
February 17 2015 05:00PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.32.06 PM

Two games that could have impact on Calgary's playoff hopes are featured on tonight's out-of-town scoreboard watch!

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Report: Flames were among the teams that were 'in on' bidding for Cody Franson

Thomas Drance
February 17 2015 03:50PM

The strength of this surprisingly formidable, Cinderella iteration of the Calgary Flames team lies in their youth and along their blue-line. 

Sometimes a club is best served by looking to address their weaknesses (offensive skill, in Calgary's case) and other times it makes sense to double down on your strengths. Of course, sometimes you get an opportunity to both at the same time, which is probably why the Flames were involved in the bidding for Toronto Maple Leafs defender Cody Franson - since traded to the Nashville Predators - according to TSN's Darren Dreger.

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