Latest at Puck Daddy - Flames and the Endowment Effect

Kent Wilson
April 29 2012 11:13AM



After a third straight season outside of the playoffs, even the most faithful Flames fans in Calgary are starting to ask the same question pundits and others outside of the city have been asking for several years:

Why don't the Flames rebuild?

The organization hasn't won a playoff series since 2004 despite boasting one of the most expensive rosters in the league. Calgary's prospect pool is middling and its marquee players are aging. They remain competitive enough to routinely challenge for a playoff spot, but are as far away from elite now as they have ever been post-lockout. It's a grim, uncertain future for the team. A clearing of the decks and reboot seems in order: trade the aging stars for kids and picks, up the club's cap flexibility and prepare for a few rough years...

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Nation Radio - April 28, 2012

April 29 2012 10:51AM

With Lowetide engaging in a hot air balloon race around the world this weekend (the queen herself shall drop the checkered flag!), OilersNation's own Robin Brownlee took the wheel in LT's stead. Joining him this Saturday were all manner of characters and celebrities, including David Staples, Jason Gregor and Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney. Mr. Brownlee is also the Nation's record holder for banning trolls engaging commenters in lively debate, so give a listen as he braves listener/reader calls and emails. 

This is Nation Radio.

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Jarome Iginla Trade Scenarios Open Thread

Kent Wilson
April 28 2012 11:30AM



The idea of trading Jarome Iginla has been kicked around and debated for years. This thread is not to discuss the potential merits or possibility of such a move however - merely to establish what readers and fans would consider a good, realistic return for the Flames captain if he was hypothetically dealt this summer.

As such, I'd like everyone to add their ideal (but still plausible) package in the comment section. Meaning, let's avoid suggestions Iggy should be dealt for Giroux, Crosby or Malkin. If everyone sticks to at least semi-realistic scenarios, we can maybe construct an "average" potential return out of all the suggestions.

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Playoff Picks: Round 2

Jonathan Willis
April 28 2012 11:11AM

Remember Maggie the Macaque? I guarantee the TSN panel in 2006 does.

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Why An Amnesty Clause Makes Sense

Jonathan Willis
April 28 2012 08:26AM

Shawn Horcoff. Keith Ballard. Matt Stajan. Mike Komisarek. The list is a lot longer than that, but it sometimes feels like every team in the league has a player or two whose contracts they’d love to make disappear.

That’s why some sort of amnesty buyout could be an appealing option when the NHL and NHLPA eventually get together and work out the next collective bargaining agreement.

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