Scoring Chances, Corsi, Fenwick and Whatnots

Ryan Pike
February 09 2015 01:00PM

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The Calgary Flames play their 54th game of the season later today. In anticipation of that contest, let's review some numbers, shall we?

There are three commonly-used possession statistics: Corsi, Fenwick and Scoring Chances. By sheer coincidence, all can be found on the helpful War On Ice site.

  • Corsi percentage is the percentage of all shots, blocked shots and missed shots towards the opponent's net, no matter where they're taken.
  • Fenwick percentage is the percentage of all shots and missed shots, ignoring blocked shots.
  • Scoring Chances, per War on Ice's explanation: (detailed with images at numbers at the link)
    "In the low danger zone, unblocked rebounds and rush shots only.
    In the medium danger zone, all unblocked shots.
    In the high danger zone, all shot attempts (since blocked shots taken here may be more representative of more “wide-open nets”, though we don’t know this for sure.)"
  • And when I tabulate Scoring Chances here, I use all Corsi events (shots/blocks/misses) from the "home plate" area.

Let's compare what the three numbers tell us.

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Nation Network NHL Power Rankings: Blackhawks reclaim top spot

Thomas Drance
February 09 2015 11:33AM


They've been called "the Glenn Healy" of NHL Power Rankings, they've been furiously annotated and derided as useless. And now they're here. Available across the Nation Network: it's NHL Power Rankings!

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The Playoff Chase - February 8 2015

Ryan Pike
February 08 2015 03:00PM

Most of the teams in the Western Conference playoff picture have about 30 (or so) games remaining. There's plenty of time for things to go right or wrong for everybody.

Here's a look at how the race shapes up heading into the coming week.

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February 08 2015 01:15PM

Dylan Strome is an exciting 2015 draft prospect. 6.03, 187 with exceptional hands and some astounding boxcars, he is expected to be taken near the top of the draft. What does he bring? What are his down arrows? Let's have a look.

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First Star, Worst Star: February 8, 2015

February 08 2015 11:07AM


We're close to 3/4 of the way through the season, the playoff race is heating up, games are becoming more meaningful by the day, and Oiler and Leaf fans are making plans for their annual No-Playoffs Spring. And since it's the first Sunday without any football to distract us why don't you go ahead and use this weeks First Star, Worst Star to ignore your family! 

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