Kulemin & Malkin shown up by Ponikarovsky and Fedotenko, Semin shuts down Ovechkin, and more

Steve Dangle
October 24 2012 08:17PM


Today was actually nuts for KHL highlights, especially for upsets. Semin out-duelled Ovechkin, Fedotenko and Ponikarovsky lit up Malkin and Kulemin, Kovalchuk finally cooled off, and Artyukhin lays a hit that sends a player flying like it's a video game.


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Columbus Lands John Davidson

Kent Wilson
October 24 2012 01:31PM



This isn't really Flames news, but in the barren desert of the on-going lock-out, we'll take just about anything...

The Columbus Blue Jackets announced recently they have hired John Davidson as their President of Hockey Operations. Davidson had been connected to both the Blue Jackets and Flames since it was revealed he'd be leaving the St. Louis Blues during the summer.

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NHL Lockout Will End When Greed Finally Takes Over

Graphic Comments
October 24 2012 08:04AM

Greed takes over

Contrary to popular belief, greed has not been the driving force behind the NHL lockout.

No. To date, it's just been business. And in business, you exploit your position to extract the maximum profits the market will bear. You do this either by squeezing out the competition so you have free reign to raise prices, or you use leverage to drive costs out of your supply chain. There is no greed involved. It's just math.

In fact, if greed has a role to play, it will be in saving the NHL hockey season. Here's why...

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Yakupov scores with 10 seconds left, a KHL fight knockout, and more

Steve Dangle
October 23 2012 07:36PM


Here's your tasty KHL goodness for the day!...Well that sounded weird...hm...

Well anyway - enjoy! 

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Flames 2012-13 Prospects NHLE - October 23, 2012

Kent Wilson
October 23 2012 02:25PM


I shared some qualitative observations of Calgary's AHL prospects in the post below, so it's about time I spiked that with some quantitative stuff. Of course, it's much too early in the season to take anything substantive from a players stats line so far, but I plan to establish this database now and update it regularly as the year progresses.

As usual, I will be employing NHL equivalency (NHLE) to compare kids scattered across various leagues. If you're unfamiliar, Gabriel Desjardins' original article on the subject can be found here (warning, .pdf). Short version: it's a method of translating a players output based on the quality of his league.

To the tables!

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