Reviewing Flames Player Projections

Robert Vollman
April 11 2012 04:26PM



You see lots of player projections before the season begins, but how often do we take a look back to check their accuracy?  While it takes guts to put your theories and predictions out there, it takes even more guts (or perhaps foolishness) to re-visit them after the fact.

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Playoff Prediction Project, 2012

Jonathan Willis
April 11 2012 04:09PM

The first round of the playoffs starts tonight, and once again the writers of the Nation Network are getting together to predict who they feel will win each series in the first round.

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Five things: You say goodbye

Ryan Lambert
April 11 2012 01:01PM

1. A new wrinkle

Boy am I ever obsessed with the ongoing Jarome Iginla/rebuild drama.

Reached for comment on his situation with the team vis a vis his future, Jarome Iginla said something to the effect of, "I don't know if I want to be around for a rebuild."

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The Flames Fifteen: #14 - Chris Breen

Kent Wilson
April 10 2012 05:14PM



If we had done this review a year ago, Chris Breen probably would have placed a lot higher on the list. A free agent signing out of the OHL, the towering 6'7" defender became a favorite of then coach Jim Playfair. The big guy was a top-two defender for the Heat under Playfair and was consistently singled out by the bench boss as a kid who was close to make the jump to the big league.

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Sutter/Feaster Press Conference Open Thread

Kent Wilson
April 10 2012 11:03AM


These things tend to be a bit of a dog and pony show (as anyone who heard the Burke presser today can attest) but whether the Flames decision makers decide to be candid or obfuscate, their reponses should be interesting either way.

Follow along with the festivities via the Flames site here. Post your reactions in the comments.

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