So Much Flames News - A Round-Up

Ryan Pike
June 30 2014 02:05PM

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A whole lotta Calgary Flames signing news came down today, as the hockey world awaits the July 1 free agency kick-off.

Here's a rundown.

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Random Thoughts - The Flames 2014 Draft

Kent Wilson
June 30 2014 09:04AM


The draft is over and free agency season is rapidly approaching. We won't be able to truly grade the new regime's work in Philly for another 3-5 years, unfortunately, so all we're left with right now is first impressions and gut reactions based on the info we have the factors you weight and covet. As much as we talk about prospect's characters and builds and skills and results, the truth is each kid is or more or less a scratch lottery ticket - you buy a bunch now and only in 3+ years do you find out if you won anything.

For now, here is my knee-jerk reaction to Treliving's first draft.

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Nation Network recap of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft with Steve Dangle and Dimitri Filipovic

Steve Dangle
June 29 2014 06:20PM

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DRAFT RECAP! Steve Dangle of Leafs Nation (me) and Dimitri Filipovic from Canucks Army recap the action from Philadelphia and the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

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Now What? - A Look Ahead

Ryan Pike
June 29 2014 09:30AM

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The draft is over!

But now there's a lot of things that will happen in rapid succession: qualifying offers to RFAs, free agency and Flames summer development camp.

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2014 Draft In Pictures

Ryan Pike
June 28 2014 12:53PM

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