February 18 2012 12:49AM

"Rather than spit some outsider gibberish about what we think about the trade deadline we asked friend of the Nation Brian Sutherby - veteran of 460 NHL games and a fella who has been traded twice - what its like to go through the deadline as an NHL player. 

It's kinda like cheating on a test. Why learn math when we can ask the smartest kid in the class to take the test for us? That's good thinkin' right there.

The rest of this article is all him as they say* But we take all the credit for forcing him to write it with all the threatening BBMs that we have sent that arrive in the middle of the night due to the time difference.

Classic." - Wanye

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Flames Trade Targets: Rick Nash and Jeff Carter

Kent Wilson
February 17 2012 12:20PM



When Jay Feaster approached Brad Richards in the off-season, he proved the Flames are not against a good whale hunt. Luckily for the team Richards rejected their overtures and spared them a future boat anchor contract. With the Blue Jackets apparently blowing it up at the deadline, though, there are more potential whales and boat anchors to be had.

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Vintage Flame
February 17 2012 09:24AM


The Calgary Flames will launch the ”Forever A Flame” program on February 27th with a boom as they kick things off with Al MacInnis as its first inductee. The program marks the beginning of the long overdue process of former Flames being paid their due respect by the organization. Fitting since most of the booms historically heard in the Dome, came off the stick of the man we all knew as “Chopper”.

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Postgame: Get to the Point

Nation World HQ
February 16 2012 09:32PM

Sometimes when you lose games in overtime, you should probably take the important point and move on, forgetting the 60 plus minutes prior to the result.  On Thursday night in Dallas, you didn't see a whole lot from the Calgary Flames, but they used a third period Mike Cammalleri goal to push the game to even strength before Mike Ribeiro wired home his 12th of the season for a 3-2 Stars win.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 58 vs Dallas Stars

Kent Wilson
February 16 2012 09:19PM




Final Score: 3-2 OTL

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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