Weekend Open Thread: Faceoffs!

Ryan Pike
April 19 2014 09:49AM

One of the things the Calgary Flames have struggled with - massively - over the past several years is face-offs. They have been reliably, almost epically bad.

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A Look Inside One-Goal Games

Ryan Pike
April 18 2014 10:04AM

One of the biggest rallying cries for how the Flames have improved over the season, at least in terms of their work ethic, has been the sheer amount of one-goal games they've taken part in this past season. In fact, the Flames played in 49 games decided by a goal, tying the NHL record.

But how did all these one-goal games come about? And what does the record really mean?

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The Heat Get Reinforcements

Ryan Pike
April 17 2014 03:33PM

Weeks ago, it was easy to feel bad for Abbotsford Heat coach Troy (G.) Ward.

All of his best players were in Calgary. Or injured. Or slumping. Now? The team has a playoff spot locked down. They've gotten most of their bodies back from the IR and/or Calgary. And they've gotten some reinforcements from college and major-junior.

With Abbotsford closing out their AHL regular season this weekend, why not get familiar with the Heat roster as they get primed for the post-season?

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Five things: In praise of

Ryan Lambert
April 17 2014 08:15AM


1. House cleaning

So the Calgary Flames season ended up being just like the last four: Without the playoffs. Five years without a postseason appearance, and it's starting to look like that five-year stretch in which they did make it, under Darryl Sutter and Jim Playfair and Mike Keenan, was the aberration.

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Grading the 2013-14 Flames

Ryan Pike
April 16 2014 11:04AM


The 2013-14 season is over, and now it's time to begin the lengthy process of the annual post-mortem. To kick things off, here's a look at how each player that suited up for the team (all 44) fared this season.

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