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December 06 2014 09:55AM


Another week is in the books, and that means its time for another edition of the Pacific War Room. What is that? Each week, the Royal Half rounds up a summary of the week that was from the best and brightest bloggers from around the Pacific Division. Enjoy.

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Everything Lasts Forever: Riding the PDO Pony

Ryan Pike
December 05 2014 01:30PM


"I watched two-thirds of the MC Hammer Behind the Music, and if there's one thing I learned, it's that money never runs out!"
-Professor Scudwerth, Clone High, on sustainability.

Well, gang, they did it again.

The Calgary Flames managed their sixth come-from-behind third period win last night with a 4-3 OT win over the Colorado Avalanche. At this point, 27 games into this season, the Flames have banked a lot of points and won games in dramatic fashion.

The two overriding questions now are:

  1. Can they keep this up?
  2. Can they make the playoffs?

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Adjusted Corsi Check-In

Ryan Pike
December 05 2014 08:30AM

Once in a while, we like to check in with the Calgary Flames on an individual basis to see how they're doing relative to their positions on the team. But that can be tough with raw Corsi numbers or other unadjusted analytics because players are used differently and have different roles.

Thankfully, via our pal Michael Parkatti, we have Adjusted Corsi to save the day.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
December 05 2014 07:30AM

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 6.10.59 PM

Canucks luck, Tyler Bozak, Jake Gardiner, Oiler fans, Darryl Katz, Flames scoring chances, a new comic and more in this week's Roundup.

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Taylor McKee
December 04 2014 10:13PM

So, uh, what do I even say anymore?

Ho-hum. Flames score again with the goalie pulled and win in overtime. Yawn. 

Read all about it after the jump!

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