FGD #51: Meet The Jets (7pm MT, SN West)

Ryan Pike
February 02 2015 02:00PM

There are dates on the calendar that you circle in this line of work, because they have the potential to be something special. Games against Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver are often circled. And with the recent return of Winnipeg to the National Hockey League, games against the Jets have been added to that list.

Suffice it to say, tonight's game between the Calgary Flames (27-20-3) and the Winnipeg Jets (26-17-8) could be something special.

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Flames 2014-15 Trade Targets

Kent Wilson
February 02 2015 01:00PM

It's February and, yup, the Flames are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Absent a disastrous month (which is possible, given their schedule), Calgary may be in the market for a player or two at the deadline in order to bolster their depth for a final push.

Although Brad Treliving has, sensibly, said he is focused with the long-term picture rather than simply shopping for a rental, there may be opportunities to add players who are useful both now and later. As we've noted frequently in this space, Calgary's blueline depth is fairly abysmal and is likely the greatest area of need for the club both currently and moving forward. Nabbing a quality top-4 guy who can be retained would help the make the post-season push now and in their quest to develop into true contenders down the road.

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I Have The Power (Rankings)!!!

February 02 2015 09:00AM


Welcome to a new weekly feature here on the mighty Flames Nation: our Flames Power Rankings. I, The effervescent Flooby you all know and kinda tolerate, will examine short and medium trends surrounding your Calgary Flames, interpret all that hard data, throw all that meaning out the window and callously rank them in a tedious list that really in no way offers you anything insightful.

Because really, that's what Power Rankings are all about. I think. I don't know. It's been years and I still have no idea what they are really supposed to be. So with that in mind, please treat this list with the absolute severity with which they were intended. I almost worked hard on this.

Welcome to the new perfect way to start off your stupid, grim Mondays. I hate you all.

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The Playoff Chase - February 1 2015

Ryan Pike
February 01 2015 10:15AM

Rather than the usual Sunday Open Thread, starting this week and going until it's no longer useful or relevant - either because Calgary's fallen off the face of the Earth (playoff-wise) or the season ends - we'll use this space to frame the playoff chase for the upcoming week.

Let's talk about next week's schedule!

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First Star, Worst Star: February 1, 2015

February 01 2015 10:00AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.59.54 AM

SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!! I hope everyone bought enough tonnage of beer and chips and pizza and wings. It's the one day a year where it's acceptable to eat your weight in deep fried foods and pass out on the toilet by 8PM. But in the mean time, let's check out who was the best, and the best of the worst in the NHL this week!

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