The Weekly Ignition: January 20 2014

Ryan Pike
January 20 2014 10:31AM



Ladies and gents, it was a wild week of Calgary Flames hockey this week. The Flames made national news with their truculence on Saturday night in Vancouver. But beyond that, many prospects continued to make noise.

Let's see what happened over the last seven days, shall we?

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Brian Sutherby
January 20 2014 08:55AM

During and after the fireworks in Vancouver on Saturday night, many people wanted to get on Canucks head coach John Tortorella for being so mad. Claiming that if he didn’t want or expect that to happen, he should have put out a more skilled line.

I disagree.

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News and Notes - January 19 2014

Ryan Pike
January 19 2014 02:36PM

As we all decompress from the wild show that was last night's 3-2 shootout loss in Vancouver, and prepare for the Flames to clash with a very impressive San Jose Sharks club, why not take a quick glance at what's going on around these parts.

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Brian Burke: Let's Make a Deal!

January 19 2014 10:56AM

*The above photo is Brian Burke at the draft with Chris Pronger, a defenseman Burke believed in strongly enough to trade up in the draft order to acquire...hint hint

Amongst NHL media and fans there is the general belief that Brian Burke is one of the best GMs in the league when it comes to trades, specifically that he is better capable of stealing quality talent out of an organization than many or most of his peers.

Being the iconoclastic contrarian that I am, I decided I’d take a look into this to determine whether this was indeed true, and if so to what extent and based on what factors. I also wanted to look further into Burke's history as a GM and determine where he ranks amongst his peers in the league.

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Post-Game: The Rumble At Rogers (Arena)

Ryan Pike
January 18 2014 11:43PM

Sometimes a game is just a game. Sometimes it's just three periods of guys fighting over two points in the standings. When one of the teams is as deep down in the standings as the Calgary Flames are, those games sometimes become routine for all involved.

And sometimes, a game kicks off with a freakin' line brawl with five sets of fights on the ice, resulting in eight players getting ejected and all of a sudden, things get pretty damn interesting.

The Flames lost 3-2 in a shootout tonight, in a shockingly competitive game against a team 19 points ahead of them in the standings, the Vancouver Canucks.

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