Byron Bader
May 23 2014 08:15AM


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about drafting between 2003 and 2013 where I looked at which teams were the most successful when it comes to drafting.  The analysis looked at two factors - graduating draftees to NHLers (50+ games played) or graduating draftees to regular NHLers (200+ games).  The follow-up looks at how each team did by round.  Hit the jump for a breakdown of how successful each team was at finding NHLers (50 games+) by round.  

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Five things: On trolling and analytics

Ryan Lambert
May 22 2014 08:30AM


1. A theory

Everyone is up in arms about something Steve "What ever happened to Alexander Karpovtsev" Simmons wrote on Monday, and justifiably so. It's something so bad and disingenuous — and it won't be linked here — that he should be embarrassed to have attached his name to it. As with most Steve Simmons articles these days, it is obsessed with the idea that there are people who think they know more than he does, and how he has no ability whatsoever to handle the fact that they might be right.

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A Look Ahead To The Draft

Ryan Pike
May 21 2014 10:22AM

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We're just shy of five weeks out from the 2014 NHL Entry Draft and six weeks out from the Calgary Flames annual development camp. With no World Championship games today, why not take a glance at how things are looking overall?

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Johnny Gaudreau: Worlds Highlight Reel

Ryan Pike
May 20 2014 10:10AM

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The round robin of the IIHF World Hockey Championships have finished up today. The good news is that all Flames participants in the event - Czech Republic's Jiri Hudler, Canada's Sean Monahan, USA's Johnny Gaudreau and Sweden's Mikael Backlund - have qualified for Thursday's quarterfinals.

The better news is that Johnny Gaudreau, the most pint-sized of Calgary's undersized forward prospects, has been on an absolute tear.

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Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 2

Josh W
May 19 2014 10:38AM


(Courtesy http://graphzoo.tumblr.com)

Welcome back to another week of hockey related analytics links. I think The best way to develop your own research is to learn what other people are working on. With that in mind, here are a collection of links from the last week to help you think of new ideas. Or just to kill a slow day of reading at work. 

This week we have a look at why zone entries matter, why penalties in game sevens aren't called, why trading Evgeni Malkin would be a bad idea for the Penguins and much more. Take a look after the jump.

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