Hopes and Expectations

August 18 2014 01:15PM

By now you have all read some of the Reasonable Expectation series that my fellow writers here at Flames Nation have been posting. My contribution is going to be somewhat different.

I’m going to examine the entire Flames roster and use a number of advanced stats categories alongside past performances and possible deployments by the coaching staff to try and draw a line in the sand of what the coming season most likely holds in store for the Flames.

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Reasonable Expectations: Brandon Bollig

Ryan Pike
August 18 2014 08:30AM

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On Draft Day, Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving made his first trade as the team's architect, swapping Calgary's second third round selection to the cap-strapped Chicago Blackhawks for Brandon Bollig.

Bollig is basically a younger, better version of Kevin Westgarth. Westgarth's 30, has 16 points in 169 NHL games and has a Stanley Cup ring. Bollig is 27, has 14 points in 125 games and has a Stanley Cup ring. Westgarth played zero games during LA's Cup run. Bollig played 15 in a checking role.

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Sunday Open Thread: Prospect Camp Roster Preview!

Ryan Pike
August 17 2014 08:30AM

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Friends, as the calendar pages fly away and the summer creeps towards its inevitable conclusion, thoughts turn to the fall. And with the fall, the opening of Calgary Flames prospect camp and the return of the Penticton YoungStars Tournament in mid-September.

Looking at the Calgary Flames' potential roster one thought comes to mind: daaaaaaamn.

This could be a really fun tournament to watch from a Flames perspective, even ignoring the possiblity of someone like Kevin Hayes perhaps joining the organization maybe.

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Why Buy Hockey Abstract?

Ryan Pike
August 16 2014 09:22AM


Folks, here at FlamesNation, you know we don't often use this space to shill or endorse things. Thus, when we do, you know it's probably for a good cause. This is one of those times. Our good friend Robert Vollman, who you all probably know and love for his excellent analytics takes, has written a book (along with some other great contributors). It's about hockey analytics, something near and dear to all of our hearts. You should buy a copy. And don't just take our word for it. Here's ga heart-felt discussion of the merits of Hockey Abstract 2014 by Mr. Vollman.

Oh, and Mr. Vollman was also on NHL Numbers' Log Off Podcast earlier this week discussing this tome for your listening pleasure.

Hockey Abstract 2014 is all about hockey analytics and their mainstream applications and limitations. It's a book that asks interesting questions, like who will be in the Hall of Fame, who is the best penalty killer, and what actually makes a good players good, and shows how objective statistical analysis can be used to help find the answers. More information is available over at Hockey Abstract.

It sounds like a great book, so why haven't you heard about it before? Basically, because it's an independent self-publication that isn't backed by a big media outlet. That means that the only way to get this book into the hands of those who would enjoy it most is through podcasts, websites, and word-of-mouth. That's why Kent has invited me to share a preview, and why I'm going to make my case here, despite the fact that humility comes far more naturally to me than this kind of self-promotion.

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Kevin Hayes: Come Join Us

August 15 2014 04:06PM

Unless you believe the rumours that Flames President of Hockey Operations Brian Burke has had illicit and depraved sexual relationships with both the mother and father of Jimmy and Kevin Hayes, which you should not because I just made that up (though still widely unproven!), there's fine reason to believe that by this time tomorrow, former NCAA star and pending UFA Kevin Hayes could be a member of your Calgary Flames.

(Hell, even if the Burke thing was true...I mean good intentions are good intentions, right?)

Anyway, if you're unaware of the news, the current Blackhawks prospect is about to become not a Blackhawk by the stroke of midnight tonight (I think 10 PM mountain, but whatever, close enough). And while many teams have been linked as active suitors for the big 22 year old (The Preds, Bruins, and with his brother in Florida have all been bandied about as possible destinations), there's reason to believe the Flames have as strong a shot as anyone, if not stronger, to land Hayes.

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