FGD: Return of the OMG Line

Kent Wilson
March 01 2012 03:28PM



The Dallas Stars managed to extract a point from the Penguins last night before falling in a shoot-out. That puts the Texans 4 points ahead of the Flames for the 8th spot with just 19 games remaining in the regular season. The Flames can shrink that ever growing deficit by winning in Phoenix tonight. Problem is, they're facing the hottest team in the entire NHL.

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A Look at the Farm

Robert Vollman
March 01 2012 09:56AM



Guillaume Desbiens is just one of several AHLers we've seen so far this season. Who else do the Calgary Flames have down with the Abbotsford Heat, and what would they be capable of at the NHL level?

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Five things: As it happens...

Ryan Lambert
February 29 2012 11:19AM

1. ...It was neither

I guess that's as close to realism as this franchise is going to get.

After we heard all about how the franchise was Going For It and (most of us) feared what horrible implications that might possibly have, it turns out the team stood pat at the deadline and it went by with little more than an extension for Tim Jackman, which we'll get to in a second.

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February 29 2012 08:48AM

"Friend of the Nation Network - and two time Angler Cup Champion - Brian Sutherby has shared his thoughts about the Trade Deadline for the second time in less than a week. In this installment he takes a look at the difficulties of making a big move at the deadline and the impact new arrivals have on a dressing room this late in the season. He also calls a winner for this year's deadline day. - Wanye

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Nation World HQ
February 29 2012 02:26AM

While there has been plenty of discussion surrounding the future of some of Calgary's more high profile pending unrestricted free agents in recent weeks, the talk about their three soon-to-be RFA players hasn't been as loud.  One of those players is 26 year old winger Blake Comeau, who is due the largest qualifying offer of the trio.  I don't believe the Flames can realistically entertain going down that road, but I also don't think that means they need to lose him either.

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