Asking the Right Questions - The imprecise and unattainable

Kent Wilson
April 17 2012 09:59AM



"Not many people have grace."
"Well, you know, grace is a tough one. I like to think I have a little grace. Not as much as Jackie O...."
"You can't have a little grace. You either have grace or you don't."
"Okay, fine. I have no grace."
"And you can't acquire grace."
"Well, I have no intention of getting grace."
"Grace isn't something you can pick up at the market."
"Alright, alright, look, I don't have grace, I don't want grace, I don't even say grace, okay?" 

- Seinfeld

Previously we discussed how asking the wrong questions is the first misstep management of lackluster teams can take in the off-season, with a particular focus on being skeptical of small outbursts of success amidst a general sea of mediocrity. This time around, I want to look at how fans and decision makers can get wrapped up in psychoanalyzing their players or agonizing over fuzzy, non-specific but apparently plausible factors.

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VOICE OF THE NATION - The Feaster Identity

Vintage Flame
April 16 2012 01:17PM


"We have a very, very busy off-season ahead of us," said Feaster, adding that he didn't want to talk about individual players or members of the coaching staff at this point. "It's clear that we need to make changes. We're going to have to do a number of things in the off-season, because this is not a situation that I want to be in next year.” - Jay Feaster

A pretty bold and emphatic statement coming from the GM whilst bidding the Flames season adieu in front of local fans and media. Some will take what Jay said as an encouraging realization as to the changes that need to happen, while others will ignore them as hollow posturing. Those that look to the latter will say that it doesn’t matter what Feaster said that day, or any day this off-season because in the end, when Ken King and Murray Edwards speak, Jay Feaster listens.

Regardless of which side of the argument you support, one thing both can agree on is, what is Feaster’s identity with this organization?

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How I learned to stop worrying and fix the draft

John Lofranco
April 16 2012 10:09AM

Now that the draft lottery is done with, and the playoffs have begun, talk has shifted from how the draft is broken to how the Canucks and Penguins are broken. Fair enough. But the draft system is still the same. If you believe that teams should not be rewarded for poor performance - even if there was not really any tanking this year - then you think the system needs a shake up.

The solution is out there, but it's going to take a mad scientist to come up with the right combination of give and take to make this thing some to life. Come and watch!

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Calgary's Role Changes

Robert Vollman
April 16 2012 09:11AM



Whose role changed the most from 2010-11 to 2011-12?  You'd probably say Chris Butler, who went from Buffalo's depth blue line to Calgary's top pairing, or perhaps Cory Sarich and Matt Stajan, who went from useful secondary players to the depth lines.

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Nation Radio - April 14, 2012

April 15 2012 11:25AM



As Canucks fans stare into the abyss of a potential first round upset, Oilers fans are left celebrating the only thing the team seems to win these days - the draft lottery. For the third straight year, Edmonton will select first overall in June, meaning the only thing left to debate is whether the club will pick Nail Yakupov or choose to plug other holes on the roster by trading down.

To tackle this question and other matters, Allan talked with a number of notable gents yesterday, including player agent Tom Lynn, advanced stats guru Gabriel Desjardins and Oil Kings play-by-play voice Corey Graham.

This is Nation radio.

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