It Could Happen To You

November 28 2014 09:44AM

I want to take just a little bit of time out of our daily routine here to talk to the huddled masses of Edmonton Oilers fans, if that's okay with you, Citizens. We're slowly descending into the Christmas season, and that's always an opportune time to help out the less fortunate, and reflect upon how good we have it sometimes. And the fanbase for that sinking ship up north, they are certainly struggling.

The team has lost 8 games in a row in their 8th season of what is probably a decade long rebuild, if not more. The team is misguided by a rag tag group of doddering lunkheads that have no vision, no appetite for success, and continue to steer the ship off course completely unabated by the ones who sign the checks. It's grim, and it shows no signs of improving at all.

So, as Flames fans, maybe it's time we put aside our petty differences once and for all, and extend an olive branch to the disenfranchised. After all, your Calgary Flames are a have team right now (as in, they HAVE been winning), and all signs point to this being a franchise that is doing their rebuild the right way, so maybe it's selfish to keep that to ourselves.

Therefore, I'm sending out a call to you, Edmonton, and make no mistake, this is a limited time offer: I'm granting you, the fan, the opportunity to join our ranks. Become a Flames fan. It's the lifestyle change you need, not the one you deserve.

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Nation World HQ
November 28 2014 07:30AM

Yakupov's usage, Oilers fire goalie coach, Canucks player grades, Pat Quinn, Flames luck, Leafs fenwick, gassing the salute, and more in this weeks Roundup.

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Setoguchi to AHL, Knight Re-Recalled

Ryan Pike
November 27 2014 01:02PM

Some minor Flames roster news for your afternoon.

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Five things: A compendium

Ryan Lambert
November 27 2014 10:41AM

1. Building a new rink

Saw where the Flames basically went to the Calgary City Council hat in hand and crying poor about their lack of a new rink, probably because that kind of nonsense has worked so well in Edmonton (and other cities around North America, as well, obviously, but you have to think the provincial aspect of this was the main driver that led them to think they'd have success).

The city council has so far wisely declined to give the Flames any taxpayer money to build their new rink, but this kind of thing often shifts when rink plans — which Calgary has yet to formally announce — tend to include the idea of "rejuvenating" or "developing" a specific area of the city around a brand new arena. It has long been shown that the economic benefit of such projects, which is so often promised by the suits representing local sports teams, is little more than a fallacy at worst and pie-in-the-sky daydreaming at best (here's a great book on the subject, available cheap, and I would urge residents of any city considering such a deal to educate themselves. And here, too, is a great visual representation of it from Deadspin.).

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Post-Game: Sinking the Sharks

Ryan Pike
November 26 2014 11:44PM

On paper, this game seemed like a tough one. The SAP Center (at HP Pavilion) has historically been a tough place to play. The Flames were coming off a tough 3-2 loss the night before in Anaheim. The Sharks had been off since Saturday, when they lost at home. Likely the visitors would be tired and frustrated and the home side rested and ready to go.

Instead, the Flames went toe-to-toe with the Sharks and really pulled away in the late stages of the second period and much of the third. Instead of fading, the Flames intensified, and won a 2-0 road effort over the Sharks.

The Flames have not yet lost back-to-back games in regulation.

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