The Value Of An NHL Draft Pick

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2011 06:58PM



Late last month, Jason Gregor looked back at the NHL draft from 1996 to 2005, in an attempt to put a value on NHL draft picks. Gregor’s far from the first to do so; after the jump I’ll look at his work and that of others to see what we can say about the NHL Draft.

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Game No. 70: Limp Bizkit style

Ryan Lambert
March 10 2011 05:53PM

Despite that worrying third period against Dallas, the Flames keep rollin rollin rollin rollin.

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FGD: Desert Date

Pat Steinberg
March 10 2011 12:24PM

Oh, it desert or dessert? I can't think of two words in the English dictionary I get mixed up most, so I'm just inter-changing them for fun.  The Calgary Flames look for a fourth straight win tonight when they take on the Phoenix Coyotes in the...desert...or dessert (7 pm, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet Radio FAN 960).  It's the third meeting between the teams this season, and once again, it's a four point game in the Western Conference standings.

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Jason Gregor
March 10 2011 11:31AM

The Zdeno Chara hit has sent the country, okay, mainly a few politicians, an airline, an entire province and now the Police, into a frenzy. It was seven years ago this past Tuesday that Todd Bertuzzi jumped Steve Moore and the reaction wasn't close to the emotional outcry that we are witnessing right now.

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Postgame: Hello Shootout My Old Friend

Pat Steinberg
March 09 2011 10:45PM

Calgary probably shouldn't have given up a three goal lead Wednesday night in Dallas, but in the end it was the Flames coming away with two points thanks to a 4-3 shootout win over the Stars.  The truth is, it wasn't Calgary's strongest game, and they're league leading wins total in the shootout will end up sinking them in the event of a tiebreak...but it's a win, and the Flames move on to Phoenix for another crucial game.

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