Mikael Backlund 2013 WOWY

Kent Wilson
April 24 2013 01:37PM


Kamp mellan Mikael Backlund och Erik Gustafsson

pic via difhockey.se

There's only two games left in the season and it's entirely possible Mikael Backlund won't take the ice again thanks to the team's efforts to lose as much as possible.

As a result, I'd like to use him to introduce With or Without You, an analytic technique I've employed in the past but one that might still be foreign to some people. It's a method of adding further context to a player's measures - in this instance, his possession rates. We'll be replicating this across the Flames roster in an effort to  gauge each guy's performance this year as well as inform potential roster decisions/discussions down the line.

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Random Thoughts - The End is Nigh and New Stats Genesis

Kent Wilson
April 24 2013 09:05AM



Sorry about the lack of post game article last night folks. The truth is, with the end of the season looming and the games mattering less and less, it's becoming harder and harder to muster the fortitude it takes to write about them. For those interested though, here's an overview:

Despite a lackluster line-up, the Flames kept pace for the first half of the game and were even leading 2-1 thanks to a beauty snipe from Brodie and break-away marker from Cervenka. The Predators took over the game after that, though and ended up outchancing the Flames at almost a 2-1 margin overall. The Flames nevertheless made it close via Cervenka's 2nd goal (a tipped point shot) and a last minute flurry with Kipper pulled.

Sven Baertschi had another two assists, moving his point streak to six games.

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FGD: Tank Baby Tank

Kent Wilson
April 23 2013 03:29PM



This could be a very peculiar game tonight. The 12th place Flames take on the 14th place Predators and both clubs will be earnestly trying to lose to secure a favorable draft position.

So, in stark contrast to your average game, this will be an entirely different contest of wills: who can out-suck whom? Who can take more penalties, give up the puck at the blueline more often and dress more replacement level bodies? I'd feel sorry for any folks paying money to see the pending debacle tonight, but it might be morbidly interesting as a sort of rare, grotesque spectacle.

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Flames Race to the Bottom

Kent Wilson
April 23 2013 10:55AM



The Calgary Flames winning against all odds has been strangely gratifying recently, especially since it has once again catapulted them above the woeful Oilers in the Western Conference (who lost again last night, by the way).

Let's be clear, though - wins are worth less than nothing to the Flames at this point of the season. If you are a fan who takes a principled stand against "playing to lose", that's admirable and I agree the players and coach should never take the ice with the intention of laying down. Pragmatically speaking, though, every standing point earned by Calgary in these last few games is toxic to the long-term health of the club.

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Flames Make Moves: Draft Picks and Pending Free Agents

Ryan Pike
April 23 2013 08:39AM


Over the past month your Calgary Flames have made a lot of moves. Gone are Jarome Iginla, Jay Bouwmeester and Blake Comeau. Acquired in their place were a lot of future assets – Ben Hanowski, Kenny Agostino, Reto Berra, Mark Cundari, two first round draft picks and a fifth round pick, all in this year's draft

In addition, the Flames have signed a ton of guys. In the past month, the club has come to terms with Tyler Wotherspoon, Laurent Brossoit, Hanowski, Berra, John Ramage, Markus Granlund and Joey MacDonald.

So with those moves done, where do they stand going forward?

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