Mark Jankowski and Feaster's Gumption

June 26 2012 04:49PM



The Flames by just about any measure did not have the best draft on Friday and Saturday. Nor was it the worst, despite a lot of the immediate reactions to some of the moves (including my own). But there is one thing that can absolutely can be said about it- in particular the first round: it was by far the most interesting draft.

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Flames 2012 RFA Profiles: Akim Aliu

Ryan Pike
June 26 2012 02:43PM

If there's one player that people will trot out to pledge allegiance to Abbotsford Heat head coach Troy Ward and his work with reclamation projects, it's probably Akim Aliu. While the stories regarding Ryan Howse's weight gain (and loss) are fine and dandy, it's with Aliu that Ward delivered some startling results and delivered a habitually under-achieving player to the NHL.

Well, sort of.

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The Calgary Flames and the 2012 Free Agent Market

Kent Wilson
June 26 2012 11:05AM



With the draft in the rearview mirror, the fun and horror of the 2012 free agent season awaits. Starting this upcoming Sunday, GM's will fight with each to other to make their teams better (or, in may cases, make terrible errors they will spend the next few years trying to undo).

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2012 Draft Thoughts

Kent Wilson
June 25 2012 04:44PM



In no particular order, here are some thoughts left over from my trip to the draft this weekend.

- A lot is being made about what Feaster and company said about Jankowski after the pick ("best player in this draft in 10 years" etc). It was clear watching the decision makers at the draft that they both believed in the pick, but also knew they were reaching and therefore would need to sell the move pretty hard. Thus the superlatives and hyperbole.

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Putting Mark Jankowski's Performance In Context

Kent Wilson
June 25 2012 12:19PM



The single biggest issue with the Mark Jankowsi selection by the Calgary Flames is the challenge of correctly putting his performance at Stanstead college in proper context. Both qualitatively and quantitatively: when viewing a player, his abilities are naturally gauged against those he is competing against - there are many all-star AHLers who are entirely ordinary in the NHL. Many high scoring juniors don't make it as professionals in the AHL, etc. In short, the lesser the league, the easier it is to look like a star.

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