Vintage Flame
December 28 2011 11:04AM

Canada started off the 2012 World Junior Championship with an impressive 8-1 win over Finland, and now draws the Czech Republic. Last night the Czech’s came off their own opening win, downing Denmark by a score of 7-0. The two teams meet for 29th time since 1977, with Canada holding the edge with a 14-6-8 record. While the Czechs showed some success against Canada in the early 90’s, they have not beaten Canada since 1993.

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Five Things: Quite a turnaround

Ryan Lambert
December 28 2011 06:36AM



1. Maybe they can beat good teams

Last week I was roundly criticized for being too hard on the team by saying they weren't that good and maybe, as it turns out, those critics were right. I wrote of how underwhelming the Flames' performance against the Wild — a team with 45 points at the time — had been and lamented that the Red Wings and Canucks, teams who had won a boatload of games in the previous two weeks, almost all by terribly convincing scores, would likely kill the Flames where they stood.

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Postgame: Points, Points...PointsPointsPointsPoints

Nation World HQ
December 27 2011 08:08PM

It's been said a lot how the Calgary Flames aren't a team that can play just one good period and win a hockey game.  Well, on Tuesday night they played one decent period and were able to take a 2-1 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets, winning a fourth consecutive game for the first time this season.  It wasn't a pretty one, but it's points the Flames need as they continue racking up points in the month of December.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 37 versus Columbus Blue Jackets

Kent Wilson
December 27 2011 07:50PM




Final Score: 2-1 SOW

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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Game 37 - Flames vs Blue Jackets Live Chat

Kent Wilson
December 27 2011 04:39PM

The Blue Jackets haven't tasted a lot of success the last few years. Unless, of course, you count how often they seem to beat the Flames on home ice. For whatever reason Calgary has had issues defeating the Blue Jacets in their home rink in recent memory. They'll need to change that tonight to get the road trip off to a good start.

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