Gaudreau Watch: A Look Ahead

Ryan Pike
March 02 2014 03:25PM

(via D.Mahoney)

Folks, if there's one question I get asked the most in my travels nowadays - even moreso than "How majestic is Brian Burke's hair in-person?" or "Why aren't there more than two Pocket Dog stands in the 'Dome?" - is "When is Johnny Gaudreau going to sign?"

Thankfully, that question is replacing the panicked statement, usually involving a fan clutching my arm or shoulders, "He's going to sign, right?" After Al Morganti's recent reassurances that Gaudreau will most likely sign here, barring war or insurrection, the next question is timing.

The short answer is this - he'll sign when his college season is done, most likely.

The long answer is a bit more complex.

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Post-Game: Something Special Up There

Ryan Pike
March 01 2014 11:27PM

(courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Saturday night's late game on Hockey Night in Canada followed a pretty great Toronto/Montreal game with playoff implications. Calgary's tilt with Edmonton didn't have playoff implications, although at times it did have a playoff-like atmosphere. No, this year's installments of the Battle of Alberta have been about the future.

On Saturday night in Edmonton, the Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers because their younger players were bigger difference-makers than the Oilers' younger players.

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March 01 2014 09:50AM


It's an ill will she blows this morning, ladies and men. We are stone cold frozen, indoors, outdoors and in the western conference. The blues aren't blue enough, the country tear-jerkers can't find the lines, the poets can't stop the clocks in rhyme. 

The Battle of Alberta is desolation row. 

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Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: Pittsburgh

Christian Roatis
February 28 2014 09:50AM

(photo courtesy NHL/

About a year ago, the town was buzzing about a potential Flame being dealt at the deadline to the Pittsburgh Penguins to play on Sidney Crosby's wing - like he did in 2010 - and help the Pens to a Stanley Cup. The one generating that buzz was of course long-time captain and icon Jarome Iginla. Sure enough, in bizarre fashion, Iginla was shipped to the Steel City.

Now, just under a year later, the Penguins appear to be right in the thick of things relating to acquiring a Flames rental sniper at the deadline, once again. This time, it's Mike Cammalleri. At first glance it seems like an odd fit for a number of reasons, but if we look a little deeper, this may actually be a scenario which makes sense for both teams.

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Post-Game: Snap Back to Reality

Taylor McKee
February 27 2014 10:49PM

Reality Check

Yes, the Flames are back after the Olympic break and began their sprint to the lottery by being shutout at home for the fifth time this season and the eighth time overall. The Kings beat the Flames 2-0 and even though the Flames didn't play awful, they weren't able to generate enough offense to beat a vastly superior club. That being said, the Flames did beat the Kings twice this season already. Also, man the Kings are boring.  

The highly anticipated Fantastic Flame Finnkids looked pretty decent tonight, though Granlund only played 7:14 but managed 2 shots and was 2-4 in the circle. Ortio allowed two goals on 24 shots and generally speaking gave the Flames a chance to win. I hope that Granlund will be given more of an opportunity to show what he can do throughout the duration of his call up, and I am not sure seven minutes with Westgarth is the most advantageous spot for him.   

Find out the nuts and bolts of the Flames loss after the jump.    

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