The Wish List: Part 1

Pat Steinberg
June 22 2011 06:19PM

On the horribly uncomfortable plane ride from Calgary to Minneapolis, I finished up doing my research on prospects for the coming 2011 NHL Entry Draft, and I put together my wish list specific to the Calgary Flames.  With three picks in the top 60 this year, for the first time in what seems like eons, the Flames have a real opportunity when it comes to this draft.  Calgary picks 13th in the first round and then twice more, 45 and 57, in the second round.  Kent's done a great job with potential targets, and here's who I'm hoping Calgary looks at with one or both of their second round picks.

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UFA Profile: Steve Staios

Pat Steinberg
June 22 2011 05:45PM

Steve Staios goes down in history as the first player ever aquired by the Calgary Flames in a trade with the Edmonton Oilers.  Staios took a lot of abuse this past season, without a ton of just cause in my eyes, but it is fair to say one thing: you don't want $2.7 million counting on your cap for a guy who only played 39 games.  There is no way Staios should be back with the team next season, but his time with the Flames wasn't a total waste, even if the cap hit didn't fall in line.

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Flames First Round Targets Summary

Kent Wilson
June 22 2011 03:01PM



With the draft rapidly approaching, I decided to put together a table summarizing the various first round targets we've profiled over the last couple of weeks. I have included each players rankings according to NHL CS, ISS and Corey Pronman. If you to check out rankings by other consensus outfits, make sure to drop by this post over at C&B. 

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Stacking the deck on draft day

Cam Charron
June 21 2011 05:06PM



I want to point you all in the direction of a fantastic bit of research written last week by CIS Blogger and math graduate Rob Pettapiece. Rob expands on research he did into the CHL draft and found that players born earlier in the year were more likely to get drafted than players born later in the year. He divided the players into four camps, 'Q1' through 'Q4' and concluded that, since there were 4.3 times more Q1 players drafted, there are teams that make decisions, particularly in the late rounds, based on player size and strength rather than observable skill.

"If you’re down to “projectability” at that point, rather than stats and performance, then fine, pick the tallest kid if you have no other information about them."

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UFA Profile: Adam Pardy

Pat Steinberg
June 21 2011 04:58PM

Of the pending unrestricted free agents on the Calgary Flames, names like Alex Tanguay, Anton Babchuk and Brendan Morrison may draw more headlines than Adam Pardy.  But what the Flames decide to do with Pardy will be very interesting, as he's coming off a serious injury and a season where he didn't play anywhere near as much as he'd like.  There are reasons to keep Pardy around, but there are also mitigating factors that play into it as well.

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