FGD: A Visit from Nashville

Ryan Pike
March 15 2013 04:46PM

It'll be Western Night at the Scotiabank Saddledome tonight as the Flames host the Nashville Predators. Expect cowboy hats, Taylor Swift and a very tight-checking defensive game. Game-time is 7pm and you can tune in on Sportsnet West or Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

The Flames (10-11-4) are attempting to extend their home winning streak to six games and to return to the .500 mark. The Predators (11-10-6) sit just four points up on Calgary and the Flames have two games in hand, so this is a huge opportunity for the Flames to become relevant again in the playoff picture. The Preds got stomped last night in Vancouver, losing 7-4...so, yes it's another opponent on the 2nd night of a B2B.

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Realignment and the New Schedule Matrix

Ryan Pike
March 15 2013 09:57AM



The NHL's Board of Governors and the NHLPA have both approved new divisions for the 2013-14 season, as well as a new scheduling and playoff formula. Calgary will be in a new Pacific Division with Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose, Phoenix, Edmonton and Vancouver. The top three teams in each division will now make the playoffs, along with the two remaining conference teams with the best records.

To make sense of how it'll impact the Calgary Flames, we've put together a quick rundown organized by opposing team.

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Identifying The Deep Draft

March 14 2013 11:53AM

2013 is supposedly a deep draft year, something rivaling the vaunted 2003 draft class according to many observers. By all accounts this is the year to sell the farm for as many first round picks as you can get and then just sit back and draft five or six future NHL stars and stalwarts.

But is it, really? And even if it is a deep draft year, what exactly does that mean?

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Five things: A look at the trade bait

Ryan Lambert
March 14 2013 09:37AM



Okay so we can all acknowledge the Flames are finished this season. Not technically, not officially, but the clock is ticking very, very fast. Prior to last night's game they could, mathematically, only lose eight more games in regulation all season before they were locked out of getting to the fabled 55-point mark that most believe will be the cutoff for the playoffs this season. It seems very likely they'll do that by the end of the month, at least at this rate.

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POST-GAME: Icarus and the Wings...

Vintage Flame
March 13 2013 11:27PM


So where to begin tonight?

Emotions have to be torn amongst fans tonight. Are you one that wanted to see the Flames win tonight, a chance to begin that mid-to-late season wiining streak, that once again might put them in playoff contention? Or were you hoping that the Flames would continue the spiral into oblivion that would put keep them in the Western Conference Cellar? Hell you might even be so disgruntled by now, that you see the team only needing to pass two more teams before they reach true Nirvana.

Well the Flames came out tonight and decided to tune out the commentary, banter and vitriol coming from all directions. Instead they decided to make a few statements of their own by taking control of this game and never letting it go; despite what Detroit could throw at them. They didn't just get the win tonight, they took it. Only their second win this season when not scoring the first goal.

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