Flames Let Joey Leach Walk

Kent Wilson
May 30 2012 03:30PM



We speculated about this last week, but it was confirmed today by Pat Steinberg that the Flames have decided to walk away from third rounder Joey Leach.

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Drafting Goaltenders is a Poor Gamble

Kent Wilson
May 30 2012 11:02AM



Many of my previous posts have been laden with skepticism when it comes to the Flames former first round pick Leland Irving. And it's not only due to the fact that Irving's outcomes as a pro are so underwhelming so far. it's also because Calgary broke one of the cardinal rules of drafting in the NHL when they picked him - don't draft goalies in the first round.

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The Blame Game

May 30 2012 08:57AM


Until recently, I was a card carrying member of the "Blame Ken King" camp. I was thoroughly invested in the idea that the reason the Flames consistently failed to build a good team was team president Ken King and owner Murray Edwards interfering too much with the administration of the team. The idea that King and Edwards were basically doing the job of the GMs and both Sutter and Feaster with left with less capabilities because of it.

How accurate is that assumption though? How fair is it?

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An Important Off-Season for Mitch Wahl

Ryan Pike
May 29 2012 04:07PM



A lot of ink, digital and otherwise, has been used to describe the changing fortunes of the Calgary Flames at the NHL Entry Draft. For various reasons, the 2008 Draft has been pointed to as the year of the most obvious turn-around. The draft produced several decent prospects who have been able to tip their toes into the NHL pond and not look horrible – notably T.J. Brodie, Greg Nemisz and Lance Bouma.

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Picking the winner of the Stanley Cup Finals

Jonathan Willis
May 29 2012 02:46PM

So far, these playoffs have defied prediction, as our playoff prediction contest tends to demonstrate. Interestingly though, there seems to be a very clear favourite in the series between Los Angeles and New Jersey.

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