FGD: Not So Coyote Ugly

Nation World HQ
February 23 2012 11:43AM

The Phoenix Coyotes may be the hottest team in the NHL, going 8-0-1 over their last nine games, helping them open up a four point playoff cushion.  Now seventh in the conference, the Coyotes roll into Calgary for the first time this season as they get set for their second meeting this season with the Flames (7 pm, Sportsnet Flames and Sportsnet 960).  A win tonight for Calgary can launch Calgary back into a postseason spot.

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Vintage Flame
February 23 2012 09:43AM


As we get ready for trade deadline day, many Flames fans are wondering if this team is going to be a player and if so, what role are they going to play in the convoluted game? The Flames position right now is one that leads us to think they will be buyers rather than sellers, but there are also two games to go before the 27th. Are those two games enough to change their position and view of deadline day? Or, regardless of the outcomes, will they merely serve to justify the moves they do make.

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Flames Forward Prospects NHLE

Kent Wilson
February 22 2012 04:45PM



To help wash away the..unpleasantness of last night, here's an update on some Flames prospects.

We've been breathlessly tracking Sven Baertschi's incredible season a lot in this space and the exploits of John Gaudreau and Bill Arnold werementioned by Ryan Lambert a couple of weeks back. To put their output in context, I decided to calculate their NHL equivalencies this season, based on past work done by the venerable Gabriel Desjardins.

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Five things: Ummm

Ryan Lambert
February 22 2012 10:28AM

1. They're in the what-now?

Calgary has had a playoff spot?

If I had said that to you, say, a month ago, you would have laughed in my face and made me cry probably. But here we are, with Calgary having occupied the No. 8 spot for a few days and making everyone watching from the outside sprout large, floating question marks above their heads in abject confusion.

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Robin Brownlee
February 21 2012 11:27PM

I don't imagine the Calgary Flames are very happy about getting waxed 6-1 by the Edmonton Oilers in Cowtown tonight, but they'd better get used to it because my guess is there's plenty more to come.

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