NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 4

NHLnumbers Podcast
December 08 2011 10:03AM



The first three episodes of the NHLNumbers podcast focused mostly on definitions and theory in general. In episode four, we move on to applying what we've talked about to particular teams/players/news in the league. This week, we decided to focus on the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers - a couple of clubs with a lot to talk about and great writers to talk with. Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post and ESPN as well as Geoff Detweiler of Broadstreet Hockey stop by to share their insights.  

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What to do with Matt Stajan - Trade For Kaberle?

Kent Wilson
December 07 2011 03:01PM


I was recently asked by frequent commenter the-wolfe to look at a hypothetical trade of Matt Stajan for Tomas Kaberle. The thinking is that perhaps the Flames can swap problem contracts with the Hurricanes while perhaps adding some depth to a blueline that is suddenly puddle deep.

On the surface, Kaberle doesn't seem like a terrible target. A former all-star, he's scored 40+ points from the blueline eight times, including 47 last year split between the Bruins and Leafs. Kaberle isn't young at 33-years old but he's also not exactly in the what most would consider the twilight years either.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 27 vs Carolina Hurricanes

Kent Wilson
December 07 2011 01:03PM




Final Score: 7-6W

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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Five Things: It's been an interesting week

Ryan Lambert
December 07 2011 09:23AM


(Ryan Lambert makes his triumphant return to FlamesNation today with his new weekly column "five things")

Here are five things I've been thinking about the Flames this week:

1. This team has a real perception problem

That much should be obvious to anyone at this point. The issue is not (or at least no longer just) that they believe that this is a team that can compete for a playoff spot, or even that they think simply being able to compete for a playoff spot is an acceptable level for a franchise making this type of financial commitment to the team.

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Postgame: Touchdown!

Nation World HQ
December 06 2011 10:24PM

It was a score the Baltimore Ravens would be proud of.  A 7-6 hockey win over the Carolina Hurricanes for the Calgary Flames on Tuesday is a little bit of a different story, but it did accomplish one thing: getting the team two points.  Calgary now has points in five of their last six games and wins in four of those as they inch back to with a game of the .500 mark.

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